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Time to Take Back Our Land — Nzube Ojukwu

By Anna Usman, Ethelbert Okoye and Timothy Ojukwu in Abuja

Hon. Ojukwu Nzubechukwu Ojukwu is the governorship candidate of Young Democratic Party (YDP) in the forthcoming Anambra gubernatorial election. He is an economist by training and the MD/CEO of Davonch Group Inc.

In this interview with Reformed Youth Movement of Nigeria (REYOM), the business mogul opens up on his aspiration and vision to put Anambra State on the part of sustainable growth by making it an economic hub through industrialization, youth empowerment, job creation and poverty eradication. He promises to establish ‘Anambra Trust Fund’ upon assumption of office in the Anambra Government House. This, according him, is to tackle abject poverty and hopelessness in the God’s Own State.

Reformed Youth Movement of Nigeria (REYOM) is an association of Nigerian youths interested in the unity of the country, empowerment of youths and encouragement of credible and capable young Nigerians to participate actively in governance. It is our dream that a youth emerges as Nigeria’s President in the nearest future. And, we are already working towards it…

Nzube Ojukwu, YDP Anambra Governorship Candidate, 2017

Nzube Ojukwu, YDP Anambra Governorship Candidate, 2017

REYOM: Where in Anambra State are you from?

Nzube Ojukwu: I am from Alor, Idemili South Local Government Area of Anambra State.

REYOM: May we know the source of your living?

Nzube Ojukwu: I am the Chairman and CEO of Davonch Group, an oil marketing firm with NNPCand Davonch Energy Limited. We have done much in the upstream and downstream sectors. Our staff strength is well over 2,000. This is one of our ways of job creation. Davonch Investment Limited and Davonch Industries are also companies under the Davonch Group.

REYOM: Have you ever been into politics or had leadership experience?

Nzube Ojukwu: Politics can be active or passive. Actively, I was part of the few youths that motivated the PDP in 1999, but due to some reasons, I left the party. I was the special assistant to a former Governor of Anambra State, on Youth Matters. I have also chaired and led several NGOs. I was the leader of the Idemili Youth Forum and an executive member at the National Youth Council of Nigeria. All that I have done have been geared towards the emancipation of Nigerian Youths.

This is not just about politics but also about the economy and the wellbeing of the people – as Governor Fayose would say – stomach infrastructure. We will take this very serious.

REYOM: Why do you want to become the next Anambra State Governor?

Nzube Ojukwu: The bad state of infrastructure in my state among other things calls for a state of emergency. We must get it right and fix Anambra State. We will no longer be satisfied with mediocrity or average performance. It is not about me, not about my movement but about Anambra people.

Anambra State needs a vibrant young person like me to turn things around and turn our state into the Dubai of Africa. My wealth of experience, youthfulness and strong links – home and abroad – are what I will strategically employ to attract much needed investments and the likes that would make Anambra the envy of other states in Nigeria.

I always say “us” because it is not about me. This is a movement, we are starting in Anambra this year, come 2019 the wave will hit all parts of Nigeria. Youths triggered the Arab Spring when they became tired of the corrupt ruling class. In Nigeria, we will take back our land politically – democratically, and we will get things right.

Thirty three years ago, we were told by our teachers to work hard and take over from the leaders of those days. Today the same person is still the President. Ministers then are still the Ministers today. Does it mean that our teachers lied to us?

As a businessman, I am a success but my success isn’t complete till I extend this to the larger community. We have done some few things as part of our corporate social responsibility, like picking up hospital bills of the less privileged in the society, award of scholarships to brilliant and indigent students and many more.

REYOM: Can anything make you withdraw from this race?

Nzube Ojukwu: Nothing! My sojourn on earth won’t be complete if I don’t achieve this dream. I can’t keep money at home enjoying and millions of our people are suffering. Nothing will make me drop this ambition; we are not looking back, even if we are attacked. This is a clarion call to everyone – both old and young – to join this movement. Even if we don’t get it now, everyone will get our message in clear terms. The situation in our state calls for a state of emergency.

REYOM: In terms of reach and acceptance, how many local government areas has your campaign team covered?

Nzube Ojukwu: We have covered all the 21 local governments and 364 wards of Anambra State. We are planning a Youth summit/carnival in the state which will showcase the art and creativity of young Anambrarians. This carnival is set to attract at least one million youths from the State. But the government of Anambra State has refused to approve the proposed venue for the event. But we are not deterred.

REYOM: Thank you very much for your time, hoping to call on you again.

Nzube Ojukwu: Thank you, you are welcome.



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