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Tudun Biri Bombing: The Smear Campaign Against The Military

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Reactions have trailed the ill-fated bombing of Tudun Biri, a suburb in Igabi County, Kaduna state, Northwest Nigeria by the Nigerian Army on 3 December 2023.

The Bombing which was carried out by the Nigeria military was targeted at Terrorist, which the military said it was trailing from Nigeria’s Islamic Terrorist Haven of Zamfara State, Northwest Nigeria, who had embedded themselves in he community.

 Chief of Defence Staff General Chris Musa
Chief of Defence Staff General Chris Musa

Following the error bombing, which was roundly condemned by many, some “Opinion Leaders” in a segment of Nigeria have found the incident as an opportunity to score cheap political point by whipping up ethno-religious sentiments among some of their gullible followers with the aim of demoralizing the Military in the war against Islamic Terrorist groups which includes ISWAP, Boko Haram, Fulani Terrorist Militia and Kidnapping Bandits in the country.

The call for the removal of the Chief of Defense Staff, General Christoper Musa, is believed by many to be part of a grand design to further attack persons from minority Christian communities in Nigeria, especially as the call, which is tainted with ethno-religious sentiments, is coming from individuals of Fulani Islamic extraction, among them Professor Usman Yusuf, a former NHIS Boss, Ahmad Gumi, an Islamic Cleric, and other sponsored groups, one of which is operating as Arewa Action Group for Good Governance.

However, many Nigerians and groups have also come to the defence of the defense chiefs by calling for thorough investigation of the incidence instead of sentimental call for sack of the military heads who, in resents times, are winning the war against terrorists in Nigeria.

Major General Taoreed Lagbaja, the Chief Of Army Staff
Major General Taoreed Lagbaja, the Chief Of Army Staff

General Christopher Gwabin Musa OFR is a Nigerian Army general who is the 18th Chief of Defence Staff of Nigeria.
He was born 25 December 1967. He is from the Christian Minority tribe of Zango Kataf, Kaduna state, North West Nigeria.
He is a member of the 38th Regular Course of the Nigerian Defence Academy and was commissioned on September 21, 1991 into the Nigerian Army Infantry Corps.
Musa holds a Master’s in Defence Studies from the National Defence University in Beijing, China.

Lieutenant General Taoreed A Lagbaja, a member of the 39th Regular Course assumed duty as the 23rd Chief of Army Staff of the Nigerian Army on 20 June 2023 after serving in different units and formations. He is a native of Ilobu, Irepodun Local Government Area of Osun State, South West, Nigeria.

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