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Usman attract international musician to Nigeria, Prepares for First African Youth Guitar Festival,

How little Usman attract international musician to Nigeria, to perform with him, and to prepare him for the First African Youth Guitar Festival, holding in Federal Republic of Niger

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Mdou moctar  a Tuareg  from Agadaz Niger republic arrived Kaduna to meet Usman mohammed Gashash, the little young boy guitarist in Kaduna, to meet Him for the First time ,and to encourage him in perfect handling of various musical instrument, so that he can be participating in all international music concert in Africa.
indeed the Tuareg people (Imuhagh in Berber language) are essentially Nomadic Berber people living through the Saharan Desert in the North Africa.Tuareg people essentially dwell in Niger,Mali,Algeria,Libya and Burkina Faso
Moctar pointed out clearly that he is an international Guitarist, Drummer, Flute and stage performance based in France, and travel round the world playing tradional music, who recently returned to his home country Niger, he then decided to visit Nigeria with the aims of teaching the talented young Nigerian musician in Kaduna “Tuareg musical instruments which is also known as Tamasheq Music” in preparing him for the First African Youth Guitar Festival
Moctar added that “I was astonished when I read in a new paper about the talent of the young Usman, also seeing his young age and how he handle his guitar encourage me to come to Nigeria and train him the best ways to handle all musicial instrument,so as to make the best among his age -mate in the entire Africa”

Our traditional Guitar , Drum with other local instrument represent voices of Africa and the hit of the music is purely redeem of African tone, that has a unique message of spreading peace and unity among the people of universe.

Moctar said “we are Tuareg and Tuareg music is a widespread style of Berber music  which is  A famous and typical Tuareg instrument which is known as  the imzad (alos named amzad), a kind of one-string violin. The imzad is made from calabash (a Cucurbitaceae plant close to gourd) or wood and covered by an animal skin, the string and the bow are made from horse hair. It is generally played by women while accompanying asak songs.

Since his arrival to Kaduna northern Nigeria, he has been training the young boy different technics, patent   best ways to handling all compassionate of sweet musical instrument.
The international musician says,The Tuareg musical genre first encompasses traditional song genres such as Tisiway,traditional chants based on poems;Tehengemmit,elder’s slow songs;Asak,songs accompanied by Imzad,women songs accompanied by Tende,a typical tambour made with Goat skin;and children songs like Bellulla played with Lips technics accompanied by Fadangama,which is a small one-string instrument,Odili,a wooden flute made from sorghum and Gidga,which is also a wooden instrument made with Irons sticks
He said my goal is to see him becoming future best African guitarist, which can make him represent Nigeria African in all music competition round the world
Moctar said world wide people knows him as one of the best traditional guitarist who play with many international musician and, as he says his  planning to organize the first African youth guitar festival in Africa, so as to encourage youth in Africa be capable of  participating in various traditional African musical concert ,to enabled them always make them remember their noms and Culture,and their history
According to him this is to ensure that every talented African youth musician across Africa participate in other to merge in one place for the concert, so as to select one of the best in the region that could represent the entire Africa in the contest of  world classic musical competition
“I want Usman to participate in the First international guitar concert in Niger republic and this will encourage other little talented musician to be showcasing their  natural gift and talent, and this is part of the talent hunter for young African guitarist across the region”
Responding on behalf of his family band, Usman mohammed gashash, a 10 years old boy who has just graduated from his primary school ,said, I am happy seeing an international musician coming all the way from another international country to teaches me how to be the best guitar performance,
”he tough me many thing which include  how to hold guitar,and many other musical instrument, and even right now am still learning many things from him which is totally different from other musical teachers that are currently teaching me at home with my brothers and sisters,”
Usman specifically said, I will surely participate in the live concert with my team  from Nigeria, hoping to meet and interact with other African children that are into music
“Muctar  invited me and I accept his invitation for December 2017 guitar concert,and this is my first participation in an international music concert”
Usman ended by calling on parents to always support their children in all developmental activities, while urging them not to discourage their kids in the search of becoming a good future leader of tomorrow
“am assuring African youth that,that I will contest and I will win  by God grace,and all I need is prayers and support from my parents,fans and my fellow Nigerians”



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