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When Will The Youths Realize They Are Being Taken For A Ride!

They have succeeded in making our youths belief that politics is a money making venture as against a medium for advancing national development.

They deliberately made our economy dysfunctional thereby making our youth belief that there is no dignity in labor, so now they only aspire to get close to power to make easy money. As a result of setting bad example that all one needs to be rich overnight is to get into a political office.

They have turned educated and industrious youths, who need only an enabling environment to create wealth and meaningfully contribute to our socio-economic development, into social media bullies, hero-worshippers and rigging machinery.

The youths must understand that power is not given on a platter of gold, it is time to proof that we are capable of leading and not to be used as mere machinery for capturing and holding on to power.

The youths must reject being used to win elections and end up being abandoned afterwards. Even if a few are appointed, mostly the elite youths, the majority are left to wallow in neglect until another election year.

The Youths have the power to determine who leads them, set agenda for the leaders, track and monitor how they are led and hold the leaders accountable.

The Time Is Now!

Lets engage, ask the right questions and hold the government accountable.




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