Yelutide 2021: Muslim woman shares dozens of Christmas trees to Christian clerics to strengthen Christian-Muslims relation.

As the season of this year yuletide celebration commences world wide , which mark the birth of jesus Christ ,

A muslim woman Hajiya Hafsat mohammed has commences distribution of Christmas trees to many pastors ,evangelist and other Top Nigerian  Christian leaders across the 19 northern part of the country with the sole aims of strengthening Christian-muslims relations and to equally spread the message of peace and harmony  between adherents of both religions.

This year Christmas celebrations comes amids of new version of corona Virus pandemic called omicron variant, and various security challenges , with high cost of food stuffs in the markets,

According to her, she has already bought 50 Christmas tress which she is going to be share to many Christians families across the 19 northern states which includes donating some to widows and some would be taking to orphanage homes ,so as to make some of the children’s stay happy and remember that is the birth of the christ,

Stressing that  Christmas provides an opportunity for Muslims  world wide to demonstrate to their Christian neighbours that Islam is a religion of peace, forgiveness  love and tolerance.

Hafsat said, This is not the first time, she is sending her friends and other families both home and abroad  Christmas trees, because even last year, she donated over 30 Christmas tress to some of her families that are residing in the southern part of the country.

She said, every year,she usually save money for the  period of 6 month to enabled her buy Christmas trees from lagos down to the north,

Hafsat said, for the fast 8 years ,she has been distributing and sharing many Christmas trees in order to strengthening  Christians and muslims relations in the country ,and  to promote peace and unity among both faiths organization

“ Ethno-religious,and political crisis has caused many set back in the northern part of the country,hence the need to promote peace and unity,Tolerance and better understanding to live in peace and harmony”

Hafsat, also  explained her reasons for decorating pastor yohannan Buru house with Christmas trees, The reason for decorating the pastor s  house is also to beautify it with Tree and Light, wreaths, stocking, garment, ornament and the aim is to spread the message of peace and harmony.

Responding,  some of the Christians clerics that received the gift expressed delight and pray to Almighty God to Bless her family and make her great.

Pastor yohanna buru  is one of the Christ clergies that received the gift ,he said, every year muslims from various states of Nigeria usually send him Christmas trees and other gift to sthrenthening Good relationship

Saying that he is really happy with the gift and pray that may Almighty God bless her tremendously for such a beautiful efforts

BURU said, every year , the church usually Cook and distribute food stuff muslims during Ramadan,and according to him, that promote peace and unity

He said, we should remember that ,we are created by one God, and we are the childrens of Adam and eve,

“we are one family under God,hence the need for us to live in peace and harmony”

Similarly pastor Jowel zigo from Christ evangelical and live intervension ministry sabon tasha kaduna state says , The church cannot forget Hajiya Ramatu Tijjani for her tremendeous effort of sending many Christmas trees and other foodstuffs to the church widows and orphans

He then called on wealthy individuals to always help the needy during the christmas and new year

While calling on Government to provide enough security during and after the new celebration to halt activities of terrorism,banditry,and kidnapping

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