Youths can shape the future for Nigeria’s development – Balogun

By Suleiman Adamu, Sokoto

The National Coordinator of “Political Discuss” , Comrade Umar Balogun has said that the roles of the Nigerian youths is pivotal as they constitute agents of hope for a greater future and development of the country as in other nations of the world.

According to him any nation that undermines the interest and roles of the youths has mortgaged its future and seats on the keg of gunpowder.

Though noted that youths were characterised as ambitious, enthusiastic, energetic and promising , Balogun said” we are agents of change and drivers of societal transformation in business, technology, entertainment, sports politics among other aspects of endeavours.

” As I speak today, youths in Nigeria constitute 60-70 per cent of the total population and by this proportion, it implies that they have the will power to effect the needed change in all spheres of our national life as a nation.”

Balogun made the remark on Saturday at the opening of a One Day sensitization programme on Peaceful Coexistence , Unity and Progress of Nigeria organised by the Sokoto state Chapter of the National Youth Council of Nigeria held at the American Space, School of Matriculation , UDU , Sokoto.

He explained that nothing can be achieved by the youths in Nigeria without unity, which he noted lies with its strength , knowing the potency of power it has, disregard division in diversity, and uphold integrity, honesty, and sincerity of purpose against all sentiments .

Balogun said the Political Discuss was an avenue through which the platform embraces like minds Nigerians pushing the agenda of ensuring peace, unity and progress of the country so as to encourage the youths to aspire to elective positions rather than engaging in endless agitations and communal conflicts resulting to lost of lives and property of harmless Nigerians.

” Our dream and vision is to inspire and persuade Nigerian youths to actively participate in politics of principle ad ideology and be more dynamic in contributing to he development of the country”, he pointed out.

The National Coordinator who stressed the need for youths to pilot their course in single direction with united voice, noted that the current situation in the country was fast awaiting the intervention of the youths thus, sitting on the fence would not save he situation

He said ” Only a united Nigerian youth free of ethnic bigotry and religious sentiment would do the magic this time around.

” You must join us in unlocking the door of a new Nigeria where unemployment and under employment statistical imagination and compilation among the youths would be reduced to the lowest ebb”, he urged.

Earlier, the state NYCN chairperson, Yakubu Abubakar noted that the youths must not relegate themselves but be at the fore front of promoting their democratic interest in unity .

” We have vital role to play in shaping the direction of our democracy towards the realisation of our core political dreams. We have competent , resilient and and patriotic youths with national interest to drive the needed change as our primary agenda for salvaging the country “, he explained.

In his remark, Alhaji Bello A. Bello Gidadawa stressed the urgent need for youths to strengthen their scope of unity by working closely in harmony through encouraging interdependence , collaboration towards the success of a progressive nation.

This, he said was possible by embracing and exhibiting the spirit of core values in driving the system with commitment and courage for nation building .

” Rome was not built in a day. Nigerian youths must retrace their journey to leadership position through stages by encouraging selves to start from the community level through value addition to the economy and improve quality of life of citizens .

” They need strategic thinking on how to provide public governance and strengthen accountability of purpose for the system through driving a purposeful development plan for the overall progress of citizens .”

Gidadawa pointed out that the youths must brace up , urging Nigerians to rethink and make reflections inorder to size the global direction for the advancement of the country.

In the same vein, a frontline youth leader, Alhaji Aliyu Abdullahi Maigwandu noted with regret that Nigerian youths were passively voiceless as they were unheard when and where it mattered.

According to him” we need to strategies an active direction as a wakeup call for our vision and mission against all sentiments. Our unity will help to strengthen our collective interest in realising a better and new Nigeria with opportunities for growth and development “, he called.

However, the interactive sensitization and awareness programme prompted useful comments, observations and suggestions participants as Dr. Rilwan Tanko Attahiru, Muhammad Awwal, Umar Abubakar Riskuwa and Awwal Altine among others including women who noted that Nigerian youths were long in slumber and needed to work had to strengthen the required capacity for the ambition of leadership.

” We need to articulate our vision to tally with our line of actions towards shaping the minda of other youths for elective leadership and nation building for the economic prosperity of the country”, they stressed.

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