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2019: Sokoto APC tackles PDP over thuggery allegations, says party should face challenges in infrastructure deficit

By Ado Hassan, Sokoto

THE Sokoto Chapter of the All Progressives Congress(APC) on Friday urged the opposition People Democratic Party to brace up to the challenges of infrastructure deficit, convenient atmosphere for trades, small scale businesses, decent politics and stop the vociferous cry of blue murder.

It further stated that the party was not ready to join issues with the opposition PDP in the state, describing it as one fast loosing acceptability with time.

” It is obvious that the PDP in Sokoto state has reached the end of the road and fast confused about whether to take the left turn or right one by resorting to whipping up sentiment by playing the victim by hiding behind an imaginary political thuggery.”

Addressing a press conference in reaction to recent allegations and cries of attacks by “political thugs” by the PDP, Alhaji Sambo Bello Danchadi, Publicity Secretary of APC expressed shock at what he described an unfounded lies, adding” it is surprising how a political party like the PDP in Sokoto state with the Chief Security Officer of the state as its leader, would be inundating us with the cries of political attack of “political thugs”.

The Peoples Democratic Party had in a recent press release by its spokesman, Hon. Abdullahi Yusuf Hausawa alleged attacks on the supporters of the party by thugs of the opposition APC.

According to Danchadi” PDP should stop shouting wolf where there is none”, describing the press release as a charade aimed at scoring two cheap motives. First, to play the victim as a gimmick for attracting underserved public sympathy and to undermine the growing popularity of APC, earned through the political savvy of the godfather of modern Sokoto politics, Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko.

Danchadi said the caliphate had come a long way from the era of cheap lies and propaganda as a political tool for intimidating the opposition in silence.

” It is an outdated political gimmickery that cannot change the narrative about the wanning popularity of the ruling party in the state”‘

He noted that having lost its acceptability and time was fast running out for making amends,” the opposition party presumes that the only option left is to create a false alarm as a form of psychological  warfare against the people of Sokoto state in order to justify the use harsh tactics of political intimidation and harassment.”

The APC spokesman traced the latest attempt to play the victim  by the opposition as ridiculous, hence portrayed the apparatus of the state government as too weak to control the so-called political thugs.

” So strange it is that a government in power, in a state like Sokoto would report a matter to the police and no action was taken. This is surely in the imagination of the politicians who have bandied this funny claim in the first place.”

The APC image maker in the state noted with concern while its state campaign launched in Dange to Kware zonal rallies were peaceful, successful and overwhelmingly attended without destruction, theft and killings” it is sad to note that the rallies of the PDP in Binji  and Wurno were charactetised by wanton destruction of properties owned by innocent APC supporters while some individuals were forcefully dispossessed of their motorcycles in Wurno.

” We reliably gathered that two lives were lost in Binji while three other innicent persons were murdered in Wurno by PDP thugs”, he explained.



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