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5 Ways to Avoid Social Media Overload (Health Effects)

Health experts love to say that sitting is the kind of new smoking. Given the number of diseases to which it belongs and the number of people who have apparently killed each year, sitting in one of the worst things you can do for your health. But perhaps the most disturbing is what we do, usually by sitting down: scrolling through our social media networks when we have a few free minutes (or a few hours).

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Experts have not fully agreed that Internet addiction is a social network addiction, not to mention the evidence that both can exist. A review study conducted by the University of Nottingham Trent, reviewing previous research on psychological characteristics, use of social networks, and personality.

Social networks are an important part of our lives nowadays, it’s easy to forget that there has always been a moment without them.

It can be wonderful … it’s a great way to stay in touch with family and friends and share news, pictures, and thoughts with the world.

But like most things on the Internet, social networks have a dark side too.

Managing social networks can be daunting, and I think this is an important reason why many people avoid social networks. I want to point out that social networking takes time, especially if you want to do it properly and efficiently. And, in addition, it takes time, it can also be a waste of time.

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How to Avoid Social Media Overload:

1. Schedule Posts

The best advice I can give you here is: Plan your publications in advance (always schedule your posts). Depending on what you share and what suits your business, that’s fine. Appointments, photos, product descriptions, upcoming event reminders, upcoming announcements, trailers, links to your website, and even articles about your industry fall into this category. By creating these publications in advance, you avoid the ghost syndrome (one day of presentations, then gone for a few days).

2. Make A Time To Check All Accounts

One of my time-saving tips is to take time to check your social media accounts, and if you have a little time, move on. The most important and remarkable are Twitter and Facebook because users are waiting for a response in real time. In general, people will respond to press releases at the time of publication, which could be a good time for review.

3. Allot A Certain Amount Of Time To It Daily

Determine how much time you want to devote to any social media networks. As an entrepreneur, you have a lot to do every day. Often, you have to face the things that make up the heart of the business, and spending hours on social networks can make you forget the day. Assigning a specific moment each day will keep you responsible for what you do. You can determine how much time you can spend there. I recommend at least 1-2 hours a day, but it’s up to you.

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4. Focus The Majority Of Your Time Where It Counts

As time is precious, so spend your resources where it counts. To see what works, monitor your traffic. Where do you get the most incoming traffic? Do you see an increase in Facebook? Do you buy things? If so, you should spend most of your time there. Keep track of different referral links and follow the value of a benefit.

5. Use Lists and Filters.

Sometimes, there are compelling reasons to associate with someone (ie not to distance oneself from them), even if you want to have a temporary opportunity to filter for a particular group of people without receiving permanently update “hide”. Twitter and Facebook offer friend list feature that, when properly deployed, allow you to quickly view status updates for a specific group of people. In this way, you can only see the most relevant updates for you.


With these small changes in the use of social media, you can save your time as well as your health. These changes help in to minimize the health risk factor of social media overload.




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