59th Anniversary: Peace overshadows Nigeria’s clouds of fears for successful polls – Tambuwal

Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, Governor of Sokoto State

By Ado Hassan, Sokoto

Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal on Tuesday said Nigerians should be grateful that the clouds of fear has gradually paved way for a climate of relative peace that translated to successful elections conduct across the country.

This, he noted, has in no small measure, enabled a  smooth democratic transition in the country against the back drop of ugly culture of violence experienced in the last few years.

Tambuwal said in a statewide broadcast to the people of Sokoto state in commemoration of the country’s 59th independence anniversary.
According to him” we all know that in the last few years, an unfortunate culture of violence has continued to rear its ugly head into the fabric of our society, threatening our relative peaceful co-existence. ”

The governor noted that sequel to the cooperation in collaboration with primary stakeholders, the trend was brought under control which he said enabled Electoral Tribunals busy schedules as all Parties had continued to seek justice by testing the limits of the Law.  

Tambuwal while recalling promises made to people of the state at inauguration, reiterated his resilience for the running of an inclusive government adding that” we promised not to be weighed down by party wranglings but to move quickly towards seeking to change the lives of our people by delivering on our promises.”

Accordingly, the former HoRs Speaker said the task of changing the lives of people of the state was too urgent and required utmost sacrifice and dedication from all in the state.

” We cannot afford to continue to engage in unnecessary wranglings among ourselves”, he stressed.

Besides, the governor further  renewed his call to everyone who truly had at heart, the peace and prosperity of the people; please accept his hands of friendship and let the state be moved forward towards a greater destination stressing that peace and prosperity of people in the state was bigger than anyone’s individual interest. 

” For years, our State has always been known as an oasis of peace. However, in the last two or three years, the limits of our peaceful co-existence have been tested. You may all recall the random attacks on some of our communities such as Gandi”, he recalled.

He however,  listed among other cardinal challenges before his administration the need to consolidate on the beneficial foundation laid in the past by his government in the first four years stressing that ” we shall commit all our energies to ensuring the delivery of our much-promised dividends of democracy by seeking to create impact on the lives of our people, hence had set a few goals for ourselves to be accomplished within a peaceful environment.”

He disclosed further that his administration renewed rolling plan would refocus on areas of Health care delivery, Education, Social infrastructure, Urban renewal and sanitation respectively.

”  In the area of Education, we intend to build on our foundation of scaling up the school enrolments and ensuring that our children stay in school.
In the same vein while recalling the historic 59th independence anniversary, Tambuwal said as a country there was the urgent need to retrace the collective culture of cynicism, noting that”  we are nowhere near the goals that our founding fathers set for us.  We know that in the last 59 years, we could have done much better with our God endowed resources”, pointing out that ,” our future together depends on our strength of solidarity and willingness to be one anothers keeper amidst difficulties.”

He said the state remain a potential but beneficial business hub to explore by the business community, adding that” the huge business opportunities remain unexplored. We are committed to ensuring that we create a culture that makes doing business much easier in our State”, he stated

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