Independence : Nigeria’s unity is a collective task we must achieve – Tambuwal

By  Ado Hassan, Sokoto

Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal has said that the task of keeping Nigeria united is a burden, a dream and a vision that as true patriots, we must collectively achieve to bequeath remarkable legacy for generations to build upon.

” There are certain principles that are not negotiable and they are well captured in our national coat of arms: Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress”, he reminded.
According to him” Nation building is a task that spans many generations and is never completed and therefore, there can be no retreat and no surrender. The world expects nothing less”, he pointed out.
Tambuwal made the thought provoking remarks in a live statewide broadcast on Tuesday to mark Nigeria’s 59th anniversary as an independent nation.

He said, as such,  national cohesion and integration became imperative and  urgent tasks for Nigerians against the enormous possible consequences of  an unstable nation to contemplate. 
According to him” we have fought a war to keep our people and country one and indivisible entity.”
He noted that” inspite of our set back, we have always stood together”, stressing that ” Our commitment to unity therefore remains resolute.”
The governor further maintained that ” It is always a work in progress because the next generation will always have its own dreams and ideals.”
He however, tasked those in leadership positions to brace up  in addressing  challenges of managing our diversity and effectively channeling Nigeria’s  talents towards building a strong nation where everyone genuinely can have and feel a sense of belonging. 
” I therefore,  call on us all to remain relentless in our prayers for our nation and all our leaders across the board. We can only lead because you have given us your trust(electorates). Our commitment to holding on to that trust depends on your support”, the governor sought.

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