Thursday, December 1, 2022

PDP Accuses El-Rufai of  Mobilising Observers to Govt House for  Inducement 

PDP Accuses El-Rufai of Mobilising Observers to Govt House for InducementThe People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Kaduna State Chapter has accused Governor Nasir El-Rufai of mobilizing some observer groups to Government House with the view to induce them to dance to his tune.They party also talked about over plan to pressurize the observers to cook up false reports that would support his rigging plan.Addressing journalists at the party secretariat on Thursday , the Chairman ,Honourable Felix Hassan Hyat urged the observer groups “not to succumb to the Governor’s antics, but continue to remain neutral and unbiased in the discharge of their duties, as Stakeholders in the electoral process and not compromise their neutral status.”” We are also aware of the plan of the government to scuttle the forthcoming election in Kaduna State by engaging in actions that could provoke the people to cause crisis, so that a State of Emergency can be declared and for him to call for the cancellation of the elections, he is already sure of loosing. Part of the orchestrated plan is to install a new chief in the controversial Adara Chiefdom, despite the litigation in Court.” He further stated .Speaking further , Hyat pointed out ,” It has come to our notice that the order by the Inspector General of Police (IGP) barring VIPs from using security personnel for partisan political activities and harassment of innocent citizens is grossly being violated.“A case in point is that of the wife of the National Security Adviser (NSA), whose brother is contesting election for the House of Representatives in Lere Federal Constituency of Kaduna State under the All Progressives Congress (APC). The wife of the NSA has been using soldiers to harass and intimidate people in favour of her brother.“We condemn this in very strong terms and call on the Commissioner of Police, Kaduna State Command to investigate it”.The Chairman ,who condemned the alleged attempt to using fake results to swear-in the APC Candidate in Jaba Local Government after losing the last Local Government election, despite the case in Court, said ” The Governor knows that such actions could lead to resistance by the people that could cause mayhem. We call on the people concerned to remain calm and law abiding, no matter the provocation.”However , expressed concerns over alleged plan to private security personnel to hijack ballot boxes hinted ,” We have further gathered from our field operators that the APC government in Kaduna State has recruited thousands of Kato da Gora, a state sponsored security outfit, with the aim of hijacking ballot boxes and papers on transit to Polling Units especially in rural areas. We are calling on both INEC, security agencies and all observers to take note of this very important raised issue and act accordingly.“We remain solidly on the side of the people of Kaduna State and strongly plead with them that the patience they have exhibited in the past three (3) years and nine (9) months should not be sacrificed by anger of a few days.“We urge the people to come out en masse to vote massively and peacefully for the PDP, so that we can bring about a new leadership at the National and State levels that will get Nigeria working again and that which shall rescue, reunite and reconstruct Kaduna State.”



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