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AAU: Esan People will not allow Prof. Ambrose Alli’s legacy to be diminished.

I read with dismay, the announced conversion of Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma, alongside College of Education, Igueben, into a multi-campus tertiary institutions by Governor Godwin Obaseki.

Governor Obaseki announced the conversion while speaking at the Education Policy Town Hall Meeting, convened by the State Ministry of Education on friday 18th february, 2022.

The Governor said that, while the main campus would be in Ekpoma, the two new campuses would be located in Oredo local government and Owan federal constituency.

According to him, the state’s College of Education, Igueben, is also converted into multi-campus, with the two new campuses located in Abudu and Afuze.

From all academic indicator, the Governor’s decision is ill-conceived and improvident.

The concept of running a multi-campus tertiary institution is financially draining, and psychologically exhausting for students and lecturers who has to jostle between campuses for academic activities. These multi-campus will require provost(s) and administrative facilities, little below that of the Vice Chancellor. The departments for professional courses will require readjustment and standardization, inter alia.

At this point, it is of great importance to state, that, the major issue that continued to linger between the staffers and management of AAU, and the Obaseki administration, is the failure of the Obaseki government to fund the university adequately. Therefore, how can a government who couldn’t fund a single campus, fund multi-campus?

Ambrose Alli University serves as a medium of job creation and facilitate economic growth and development in Esan-land. Thus, It is clear, that, Governor Obaseki has an ignoble agenda against Esan people. Clearly, that anti-Esan people agenda, is to destroy the legacy of Prof Ambrose Alli, and in the same-vein, crush the economic viability of Ekpoma, and by extension, Esan-land.

As someone, who is proud of his Esan heritage and driven with Pan-Esan interest, I can’t keep quiet and watch the legacy of Prof Ambrose Alli and the economic fortunes of Esan race, being destroyed in the name of subaltern politics.

It is not suprising to Esan people, that, few days after Governor Obaseki’s brother, Pedro Obaseki, demeaned and insulted Esan people in his most ethnically chauvinistic audio recording in the 21st century, the Governor decided to diminish the pride of Esan-land (Ambrose Alli University).

Let me state unequivocally, that, the Esan people will not allow themselves to be treated like an endangered species in the political and social-economic spectrum of Edo State. Ambrose Alli University, should be left the way it is, same applies to the College of Education, Igueben. If the Governor means well for Esan people, he should fund and develop the infrastructures of the tertiary institutions located in Esan-land adequately and efficiently, instead of converting them into a diminishing multi-campus.

Monday Okpebholo,
(aka) ‘Akpakomiza’.



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