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KDSG Calls For Vigilance Against Explosive Devices Planted By Terrorists In Schools, Hotels, Others

The Kaduna State Government wishes to issue an crucial advisory to citizens across the state, for heightened alertness to the threat of explosive devices planted in public places by terrorists.

This follows sustained assessments by security agencies, and the possibility of terrorists looking to harm citizens, by discreetly placing explosives in public facilities such as schools, hospitals, hotels, bars, entertainment centres, restaurants, parks, major roads and places of worship.

Security agencies are working to ensure that no harm or destruction comes to residents and facilities.

Citizens are however urged to be alive to this threat, and to remain watchful for suspicious persons loitering, or packages seemingly abandoned in strategic places.

Increased general awareness is strongly advised, and frequent thorough checks of premises are recommended.

Any suspicious person or object observed must be immediately reported to the nearest security formation. The Security Operations Room may also be contacted, on the lines 09034000060 and 08170189999.

Quarry operators are also advised to enhance security on their sites, and to ensure that explosive materials are not readily accessible to be carted away for criminal purposes. Sites will be inspected for compliance.

Close monitoring of the situation by security agencies will continue.


Samuel Aruwan

Commissioner, Ministry of Internal Security and Home Affairs, Kaduna State.



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