AGN Election: Ibinabo, Emeka Rollas camps set for showdown.

Actors Guild of Nigeria

Fresh crisis appears to be brewing in Actors Guild of Nigeria as the Board of Trustees and outgoing President of the Guild, Emeka Rollas have agreed to set aside the Guild’s constitution to conduct the national election.

Ibinabo Fiberesima, President Actors Guild Nigeria.
Ibinabo Fiberesima, Former President Actors Guild Nigeria.

It all started after a meeting was brokered between Emeka Rollas and Ibinabo Fiberesima whom he outsmarted to become the interim president at a celebrated coup d’état in Enugu state, Nigeria.

Since then, a furious Ibinabo is said to have turned her back on the AGN she practically brought to prominence.

Emeka Roll as , AGN Interim President

Source at the closed door meeting however, revealed that Ibinabo gave certain conditions before she could settle with Emeka Rollas and the Board of Trustees.

One of the conditions according to our insider is that her former Secretary, Abubakar Yakubu, return to serve as secretary in the coming national election.

Emeka Rollas who has been longing to reconcile with Ibinabo was said to have accepted the offer and sold the idea to the Board of Trustees.

Confirming the development, a member of the National Executive council who pleaded anonymity said that the outgoing president has been going round the six geo-political zones of the country canvassing for supports ahead of the National election.

“I can confirm that this development is not going down well with those of us who have the interest of the Guild at heart. This Abu man has already served two tenures as National Secretary under Ibinabo Fiberesima, why bring him back just because you want to make peace with certain people? The constitution of the Guild is sacrosanct but they are saying they are not using the 2011 constitution because it is under review but even if the constitution is under review, it has not been concluded and passed into law.”

“Until then, the 2011 constitution remains valid. Emeka Rollas thinks he can always dribble everybody including himself to have his way all the time.”

“Although, I may not be returning to contest for any position in the election, but I am very worried because another major wind of crisis is blowing and the Guild may not survive it.”

“Let Emeka Rollas go and settle his personal issues with whosoever but, should not sacrifice the future of the Guild to satisfy his agenda. This time it won’t work, there shall be petitions and court injunction if they don’t have a rethink” He said.

In a telephone conversation, a stakeholder in the Guild who prefers to be called “Pillar of Peace” also expressed his disappointment at the hierarchy of the Guild.

According to him, “I can tell you for free that money must have changed hands and very soon they will start to concoct certain abracadabra to favour their agenda. This is the sad story of AGN. Once the rule does not favour them, they would set aside the constitution to favour their agenda. This is not the first time it is happening.”

“We the pillar of peace know the role we played in Enugu to bring about this peace that we have in AGN today which they are trying to destroy again to satisfy their selfish interest.”

“If the truth must be told, the mandate given to the Emeka Rollas government of national unity is to unite the guild and conduct an election that will herald a brand new national executive just like Segun Arinze did. That was the mandate in Enugu after the peace conference but here we are.”

“If the stakeholders and State Chairmen don’t rise up and speak with one voice to liberate the guild from this mess then I am sorry to say that there may not be AGN after the September election. It will be to your tent oh Israel”.

Meanwhile, a group known as AGN G-7 in a recent message on social media said they have started a sensitization campaign ahead of the election to ensure only those who are ready to work and move the Guild forward are elected. The group said the era of grabbing an office for personal aggrandizement will no longer be encouraged

The Actors Guild of Nigeria election is expected to hold in September

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