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Anglican Primate Urges Nigerians to Pick Voter’s Card

Okoh said this at the 18th Annual Diocesan Women’s Conference, with the theme: “Go And Make Disciple’’, held at All Saints Anglican Church, on Saturday in Abuja.

He described the ongoing voters’ registration as an opportunity to create awareness for people to register, adding that the information should be spread to other women in the society.

“It is important for every adult who is of age to register because what most Nigerians do is to be absent from participating and after the event they start complaining.

“It is an opportunity for me to create awareness, speak to them and ask them to continue spreading the information to other women,’’ he said.

On the path of building the nation, Rev. Okoh called on Nigerians to join hands with the government in nation building..

According to the cleric, it is not the responsibility of the Federal Government alone to do it but of everyone.

“Building the country is not just for people who are holding government offices.

“It is the work of everybody, and so we must encourage ourselves, men and women, boys and girls to take active part.

“Political consciousness is a very important aspect of nation building,’’ Okoh said.

In her remarks, Mrs Nkasiobi Okoh, President, Women’s Ministries, called on the government to look into the current economic recession as it was still biting hard on Nigerians.

Okoh, who was also the president of Women’s Guild, commended the government for various efforts in bringing Nigeria out of recession, adding that they should do more to bring down the cost of living.

According to her, Women are yet to see the effect of the end of recession in the prices of goods in the market.

“We appreciate the fact that there are some reductions in the prices of some commodities in the market but it is not significant enough to show that recession has come to an end.

“A bag of rice for example which rose from N8,000 to N25,000 has come down to N16,000 which is still a far cry from what it used to be.

“Many Nigerians find it difficult to provide for their families,’’ she said.

She implored women to go to God, be his followers and equally reach out to those who do not know Christ at all times.

She also encouraged women to introduce the gospel to people out there so that their sins could be forgiven and to make heaven



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