ATIKU: The best option.

Atiku & Secondus

By: Comrade Ekpeha Frank. O.

The Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP), is a major opposition party in Nigeria. The party won every presidential elections between 1999 – 2011, and was until the 2015 election, lost power to APC in an election that still has unanswered questions as regards to its credibility, but moving on.

The party haven moved on since after losing power at the centre in some states as a more united, stronger, reformed and rebranded party is seriously preparing to take power from the ruling APC come 2019.

Another general election is here and October primaries and candidate selected at the primaries will decide if it will be a work over for the incumbent or a contest.

As it stands, the PDP has over ten Presidential Aspirants expected to contest for PDP ticket at the primaries.

All the Aspirants has their respective qualities politically and otherwise, but also has areas that each of them wouldn’t meet up considering the fact that PDP will be going into a contest with an incumbent president.
At the end PDP will have a standard bearer but the question is who among them is the best option?

*TAMBUWAL*- He could have been a sensation if he had a grasp on the Lagos – Ibadan express way. But against Buhari in the North, against the power of federal incumbency, Tambuwal would struggle. Despite been a speaker and a governor, he cant spark a whirlwind.

*KWAMKWASO* – He has a vote gathering machine around three states. But that machine would have to be steered carefully otherwise it could be bogged down by perceptions of treachery. If the contest was for the governor of Northeast region then kwamkwaso may last the distance. But he may not have the funds and stamina for a cross country race that will go through Mambila to Ogbudu, through Bar beach to Niger Bridge to Shere hills.

*SARAKI* – He has the organisational ability. But he is very vulnerable. Buhari and APC now sees him more as their nightmare after the defection of some National Assembly members and kwara governor and State Assemble members to PDP which APC and Presidency see Saraki as the architect behind the plans that lead to those defections and not forgetting Saraki himself as one of the defectors. In the far North, he can be easily branded Yoruba. He won’t survive that.

*DANKWAMBO* – A good candidate. But except he comes in as the solution to an all out serious contest, he has little or no hope of getting the ticket. He looks too innocent. If becomes a compromise candidate he will have to beg for money.

*LAMIDO*- He looks like a man whose time has passed politically, who lost his chance.

*MARKARFI* – He had his best chance in 2007. Obasanjo didn’t trust him enough. He looks like a man who can become his own man overnight without apologies. Those on whom he would rely to get the ticket aren’t very comfortable with him. Momentum is not with him and wont be with him in a match against Buhari.

*FAYOSE* – He wants the VP slot, but that slot has been zoned to the South East.

*ATIKU* – He is the only one that can give Buhari and APC a real contest that can result to victory for PDP.

*He has the money.
*He has business acumen
*He has supporters from across Nigeria.
He has a better country wide reach and lubrication.
*He has financial muscle and wide political reach.
*He understands the media, and the courts more better.
*The momentum is with him.
*What Atiku can’ t get, he will buy.


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