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Bandits : Pursue them to wherever they go, ready to support the course – Sultan tells security agencies

By Ado Hassan, Sokoto

Disturbed by the spate of banditry especially in communities of Sokoto state, Sultan Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar on Saturday told Nigerian security to ensure that they rudely deal with masterminds and  agents of insecurity across the country.”
According to the revered leader, ” it’s time to find out more about the bandits and how to overcome them. 
He assured that ” we are ready to support the arms forces to achieve the desired success. Follow bandits to anywhere they are and kill them. We must protect our people at all cost”.
Abubakar dished out the stern advise  while speaking to the Chief of Air Staff (COAS) Abubakar Sadiq who visited his palace in Sokoto.
The revered leader who is saddened by recent development  also expressed concern over how the country has became quite insecure of late.
” The level of insecurity has gotten worse as people now massively kill innocent citizens without taking anything from them.
“People can no longer go about their normal businesses in Nigeria.  Insecurity has gotten to the point that you will be in your house and somebody will just come and pick you up”, he wondered .

“You just can’t imagine how people could be this callous to take away lives without even taking anything from them.

“The first and foremost job of any leader is to protect the lives and properties of his people”.
Sultan however,  advocated adequate funding of the nation’s security agencies as a sure and dependable way to further guarantee security of lives and property, adding that “even if the nation’s  budget is spent on security, it is a worthwhile decision.”

Abubakar who also insisted that Federal government must equip the Armed Forces even if it needs using the whole budget  of the country, also stressed that ” We must equip our Armed Forces because it’s the most important thing to do.  We must continue to give information in confidence.”
He noted that Nigerian forces needed the minimum logistics ” but I am very sure we do not have them in good numbers.”

According to the monarch ” unless we wake up as a country and equip our forces to the highest level or else we will continue to have these people insecurity challenges.”
He said he county  need to engage in  massive recruitment, massive training and equipment availability.
“Nigeria Armed Forces don’t have the equipment to deal with all terrains”. In the same vein , Abubakar  said that I there was something behind the spate of banditry, recalling that ” in the last couple of years,  banditry has been bad in Nigeria. We have to find out what has gone wrong.  What are these bandits after?  What do they stand to gain”, he rhetorically asked. 
Sultan Abubakar acknowledged with joy the prompt response to the plight of Sokoto state by the COAS” we thank you for he quick response . The last attack on Sokoto was very pathetic that we lost 74 innocent people just like that. Your visit visit will give a lot of hope to the hapless citizens that they have real not been left on their own”, while commending neighbouring Niger Republic for responding to security challenges in the areas.
Speaking,  Chief of Air Staff, Abuabkar Sadiq said their presence in Sokoto was to have a first hand assessment of to their operations and determine how much support do they need to render to the operations in North west. 
Sadiq also disclosed that they were commencing  operations and flight activities in Sokoto. ”  It will cover Katsina,  Niger ,  Nasarawa state, thus will require the necessary support .”




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