Behold I am Doing a New Thing

By: Nasiru Jagaba

The sanctity of the ballot has been compromised in the last presidential election.

The security agencies and INEC have tempered with the people’s mandate.

Despite the fact that voters were hard pressed on every side, the ballot manipulations did not commiserate with the results that were announced. However, that should not demoralize your spirit, will and resolve for next Saturday’s gubernatorial election.

We must accept finite disappointment but we must never loose infinite hope.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your prayers are not answered. It is not a mistake that Evanglical Church Winning All worldwide declared as the theme for the year 2019 “Behold I am Doing a New Thing”.

Stand still and behold this new thing that is being done by the mighty power of the Almighty. The people have given their mandate, heavens acknowledge, the earth is a witness and nothing changes the fortune of one rejected by his people. It cannot be subverted and those who go to the Red Sea with pharaoh share in his fate. An Igbo proverb says whomever the gods want to kill they first make mad.

His ways are different from our ways and the ballot may not be the only option of the Almighty God.

Steady yourself, remain serene in the midst of turbulence and look beyond physical realm with eyes of faith and cooperate with the LORD’s plans.

Your votes counted on that Saturday we decided our Federal Government (you can bet on that with those who rigged). I can assure you, Your Vote Will Count Again.

If you didn’t vote in the previous elections especially because you don’t trust the process, get up, dust up your PVC and stand as patriots to correct the wrongs and redeem the nation.

Mobilize, come out, vote! Exercise your first rights and do not be intimidated by these perishable shadows, do not be discouraged by the disappointments, they’re part of the journey, they are mere stepping stories without them there are no testimonies.

Lives, education and so much more are at risk if you refuse to vote. Where ever you are, encourage your fellow citizen to vote and engage the governance process.

Nigeria’s greatest asset is her people – that includes you!

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