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Photo of Comrade Abba Moro’s Scorecard In One Year As A Senator 

Tracereporters –Today, June 11, 2020, is exactly one year that Comrade Abba Patrick Moro was inaugurated as a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, representing the good people of Benue South Senatorial District. In one year, he has brought a new dynamism to what it means to be an elective representative of the people with his exemplary display of commitment, empathy and responsiveness that he brought to bear on his service to his constituency.

Without wasting time, Comrade Moro hit the ground running and made an impact that belie his status as a first-time Senator.

Hehas been outstanding with his enthusiasm, intelligence and qualitative representation. These even his critics find incontestable. It is not surprising that well-meaning Nigerians continue to objectively commend Senator Moro for his dedication and service to the public.

But for those who know him, Senator Moro’s strides as a Senator did not come as a surprise. What may astound many is perhaps the way he left no stone unturned in the business of law-making in the last one year.

Overall, he has proven his mettle, leaving no one in doubt as to his competence as a lawmaker. The facts speak volume about him, and the volume of his works attests to his quality as an indefatigable lawmaker.

Senator Abba Moro, though a First Timer, is recognized and is a member of several Senate Standing Committees.

Below is the list of Committees that he’s member of:

1. Vice Chairman, Senate Committee on Army
2. Vice Chairman, Senate Committee on Inter-Parliamentary Affairs
3. Senate Committee on Anti-Corruption and Financial Crimes(Member)
4. Senate Committee on Appropriation(Member)
5. Senate Committee on Defence (Member)
6. Senate Committee on Diaspora and NGOs(Member)
7. Senate Committee on Interior (Member)
8. Senate Committee on Aviation (Member)
9. Senate Committee on Airforce.(Member)

1. Senate Committees on Nigerian/Japan Friendship (Member)
2. Senate Committee on Review of Nigeria’s Security Architecture. (Member).

As part of his contributions on the floor of the Senate oversight functions and his responsibilities as a Senator, we shall briefly touch on some of the Bills, Motions and Petitions the Distinguished Senator has sponsored.

Bills are laws and Acts enacted by the National Assembly. Senator Abba Moro has, in the last one year, sponsored the following Bills:

1. A Bill for an Act for the alteration of of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (as amended), to make provisions for Independent Candidacy in Nigeria’s general elections.

2. A Bill for an Act for the establishment of North Central Development Commission.

3. A Bill for an Act to establish the Veteran Welfare Fund, 2020 (SB 346).

4. A Bill for an Act to establish the Federal University of Health Sciences, Akwete-Akpa, Otukpo, Benue State.

5. Electoral Act No.6, 2010 (amendment) Bill, 2019 (SB.179)

Motions are urgent national issues brought to the Senate under Order 42 and 52. Senator Abba Moro has, in the last 12 months, moved the following Motions on the floor of the Senate:

1. Urgent need to deal with a strange epidemic outbreak ravaging Oye-Obi, in Obi LGA.

2. Urgent need for Senate’s intervention in the militia attack on Okokolo community, in Agatu LGA.

3. Motion on windstorm that ravaged Ai-Afam Community, in Ogbadibo LGA.

4. Herdsmen attacks on Echori and Itakpa communities in Obi LGA in the Benue south senatorial District of Benue state: Urgent Need for Legislative Intervention (To be moved today but stepped down till Tuesday next week).

Petitions are complaints from Nigerians to the Senate President, through their Senators. In the last one year, Distinguished Senator Abba Moro has received from his Constituents and presented the following petitions on the floor of the Senate:

1. Petition to the Senate on the disappearance of ASP Akor Udeh, a serving Police Officer from Ogbadibo LGA Benue State, who was serving in Anambra State.

2. Petition on the brutal murder of an Abuja-based journalist, Comr. Alexander Ogbuh.

Senator Abba Moro, as a way of interfacing with his Constituents and keeping them abreast of his activities in the Senate, organized a Town Hall meeting on February 7, 2020. The meeting afforded the Senator the opportunity to brief the people of Benue South Senatorial District on salient issues that transpired at the National Assembly. In attendance at the meeting were the Deputy Governor, Engr. Benson Abuonu, represented; PDP state Chairman, Sir John Ngbede; Former and Serving State/Federal Legislators, Traditional/Religious Leaders, Stalwarts of the major political parties in Benue South, LGA Caretaker Chairmen, NAIS, NUIS, etc.

On January 25 this year, Senator Moro inaugurated the Benue South Security and Economic Summit Planning Committee. The Committee, which is made up of seasoned academics, security experts, top politicians and legal practitioners, was to organize a Summit that will draw up an actionable blue print for the economic development of Benue South, as well as proffer solutions to the incessant security challenges confronting the Zone.

The Committee, headed by Prof. Armstrong Adejor and co-chaired by Prof. Yakubu Ochefu, had fixed the Summit for April 9th 2020, but had to put it off because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It will be held as soon as the pandemic is over.

Senator Abba Moro, known as Mr Jobs Provider, started his empowerment programme with the appointment of TWENTY FIVE sons and daughters of Benue South.

As for direct job placement, many young men and women from Benue South have secured government jobs through the efforts of Senator Abba Moro in the last one year.

On rural empowerment, the Distinguished Senator has facilitated and distributed tricycles, sewing/milling machines, Hair Salon equipments, refrigerators/generators etc to over 700 women and youths in the Senatorial District.

Further to this, he has facilitated training programmes in entrepreneurship, sensitisation against illicit drug use and distribution of Primary Healthcare equipment in Benue South Senatorial District.

Before his assumption of office as a Senator, Comrade Abba Moro made it known to his people that he would never turn his back on them. So far he has lived up to expectation.

Beside the Motions and Petitions from his people that he has moved and presented on the floor of the Senate, the Senator-Comrade has always spoken for his Constituents. He has condemned the insecurity challenges bedevilling Zone C and made spirited efforts to tackle them. He visited the burnt Otukpo market and identified with victims with palliatives. He raised his voice against the killing of Joy Akum Adole allegedly by her Employer in Lagos. He visited Obi LGA to sympathize with the people over an attack on Echori and Itakpa Communities by suspected herdsmen, and to discuss the steps towards forestalling a repeat of such ugly incident with the people. He visited the National Hospital, Abuja, over a Constituent’s COVID-19 related challenge.

As a way of keeping his constituents well informed of the virus, the Distinguished Senator sponsored informative jingles, news and live appearances on both the electronic and social media. In addition to that, he has reached out to several homes and vulnerable persons with cash and food items during the lockdown. As we all know, the palliative-sharing Committee he inaugurated on the 26th of April to share palliative to 500 poor of the poorest homes in the Senatorial District is still very much on course.

Senator Moro, on 3rd April, 2020, facilitated and donated medical equipment worth N50 Million to Agatu Local Government Area. This gesture, he promised, would be replicated across the Senatorial District.

As a way of making life bearable for his Constituents, especially those who want to access him in Abuja, Senator Moro opened an annex office in Abuja. The opening, which was held on 13th March, attracted commendation and appreciation from the people as the office reduces their stress of going to the National Assembly office to drop mails and interface with the Senator.

Since assumption of office as Senator, Comrade Abba Moro has received over 50 requests from highly reputable and recognized organizations for award and recognition. While he has accepted some, many others are still waiting. Among those he has so far accepted are;

1. Leadership Prize for Excellence Award, by Youth Partnership for Africa’s Development (YOUPAD)

2. Distinguished Philanthropist Award, by United States Latino American Chamber of Commerce (USLACC), California, Los Angeles, USA.

3. Award of Honour, by Assemblies of God Church, Abuja.

4. Award of Excellence, by National Association of Idoma Students (NAIS), University of Abuja chapter.

5. Beacon of Hope Award, by BF SUMA, an American Pharmaceutical Company.

6. Award of Excellence, by Association of Northern Nigeria Students (ANNS)

7. African Leadership Award, by African Leadership Magazine.

8. Honorary Citizen, State of Georgia, USA, by the Black Caucus of the Georgian Congress.

Senator Abba Moro is committed to his work as a Senator representing Benue South Senatorial District and he won’t betray the trust and confidence reposed in him by the Benue South electorate.

God bless Benue South Senatorial District!
God bless Benue State!!
God bless Nigeria!!!

Media Unit,
Office of Senator Abba Moro, D. Litt, FIAMN, FCPA,
Benue South Senatorial District.
Additional Materials by the SLA and LA1




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