COVID-19 Kaduna: Television Residents Get Palliatives.

By Josiah Otache

Residents of Television Area in Kaduna South Local Government Area recently got a feel of human kindness in the midst of hunger and neglect from the state government food distribution palliatives as a female Mini Supermarket operator, who wish to remain anonymous came out to provide some food items, since what was being distributed by the government didn’t get to some people in the neighbourhood.

The items which was distributed across two streets included :-
20 cartons of noodles
10 cartons of spaghetti
4 cartons of macaroni.

The smallest family got one spaghetti and five noodles. The items got to the families and they rejoiced as they poured out their blessings and prayers on her with some residents saying if the government could do just a fraction of what this woman had done they will be very grateful.

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