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Director General of Daga Buni Sai Bade Dan Madamin Yusufari Support Group Felicitates with Sen Ahamad Lawal on His Birthday

In a show of unwavering support and admiration, the Director General and founder of the Daga Buni Sai Bade Dan Madamin Yusufari Support Group Engr Hassan Mohammed Dan Madamin Yusufari, alongside its members, has extended warm birthday wishes to the President of 9th senate assembly Senator Ahamad Ibrahim Lawal GCON.

The Daga Buni Sai Bade Support Group was established with the primary objective of encouraging Senator Ahamad Ibrahim Lawal to accept and contest for the governorship of Yobe State. Committed to the cause, the group has vowed to go to any extent necessary to ensure the success of their mission.

On the occasion of Senator Ahamad Ibrahim Lawal’s birthday, the Director General, along with the entire support group, expressed their heartfelt felicitations and best wishes to the esteemed leader. Recognizing his exceptional leadership skills and dedication to public service, they hailed Senator Lawal as a visionary and highly capable individual.

The Director General of the Daga Buni Sai Bade Support Group, in a statement, emphasized the group’s unwavering commitment to their cause. They firmly believe that Senator Lawal possesses the qualities necessary to lead Yobe State to greater heights, and they are eager to rally behind him in his potential bid for the governorship.

The support group’s members, consisting of individuals from diverse backgrounds, have united under a common purpose – to persuade Senator Lawal to accept the challenge and contest the governorship. They firmly believe that his vast experience and deep understanding of the state’s needs make him the ideal candidate for the position.

The Director General further highlighted the group’s determination to mobilize support from various sectors of society, emphasizing that their collective efforts would be instrumental in achieving their goal. The group intends to engage in extensive grassroots campaigns, organizing rallies, and conducting outreach programs to spread awareness about Senator Lawal’s potential candidacy.

As the Director General concluded his statement, he expressed his gratitude to Senator Ahamad Ibrahim Lawal for his unwavering dedication to the betterment of Yobe State. He also extended his heartfelt wishes for good health, success, and prosperity to the former Senate President on his special day.

The Daga Buni Sai Bade Dan Madamin Yusufari Support Group remains steadfast in its mission to encourage Senator Ahamad Ibrahim Lawal to contest for the governorship of Yobe State. With their unwavering commitment and determination, they hope to see their vision for a better Yobe State materialize under the leadership of Senator Lawal.



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