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Elections: Sokoto APC raises alarm over alleged incitement, planned electoral malpractice by PDP

By Ado Hassan, Sokoto

Few days to the Saturday Governorship and States Assemblies elections, the All Progressives Congress in Sokoto state has raised the alarm over alleged desperate and undemocratic moves by the opposition PDP in the state to cause breach of the peace urging the law enforcement agencies to apply appropriate sanctions to serve as deterrent to others.

Similarly it alleged that the PDP in the state had concluded plans to deploy ‘area boys’ in Sokoto Marshall uniform to participate in the joint security patrol team that would monitor next Saturday’s elections to accomplish its designed plan.

” We do not trust the state government owned security outfit. We reject that unlawful arrangement and demand that only security agencies backed and duly recognised by federal laws should monitor elections”, APC vowed.

It described as detrimental the calculated inciting statement curried by the state PDP chairman, Alhaji Ibrahim Milgoma and the Stae Zonal Vice Chairman, Alhaji Muhammadu Dangwaggo at a youths solidarity rally held Saturday March 2, 2019

Addressing a press conference, the Sokoto state All Progressives Congress Chairman, Alhaji Sadiq Isah Achida observed that the PDP were rattled by the overwhelming victory of the APC across the country describing the actions and unguarded statement by the duo as capable of engendering breakdown of peace, law ad order in the state.

Achida quoted the duo as saying” we must win election by all means. We either win or there will be death. Any government official seen at the polling unit should be beaten up to death and his corpse thrown away in a refuse dump.”

According to APC” the statements are nor only inciting but a recipe for lawlessness and anarchy.”

Achida said Sokoto people had rejected the incompetent and failed PDP government in the state during the last round of elections and were ready and determined to vote them out next Saturday.

” Power is attained through the express will of the majority rather than through threats and violent actions of the minority.

” The PDP is frightened and deeply pained by the massive rejection and humiliation it suffered at the just concluded Presidential and National Assembly elections which is staring them in the face in the forthcoming governorship and state assembly elections,” Achida pointed out.

Accordingly, the APC said it discovered alleged planned demonstration at the Sultan palace  by some miscreants condemning a purported plan to remove the Sultan after winning the elections, ” we believe they must have been a sponsored propaganda to tarnish e image of some innocent persons in their desperate efforts to win the hearts of the people of Sokoto state.

” We condemn this ungodly campaign and dissociate ourselves with anything to do with false claims. People should disregard the ranting of political dead-bodies that are due for burial next Saturday at the political cemetery.

” The APC respects our traditional institution particularly the Sultanate Council and will ensure it continues to serve as a rallying point for all shades of political opinion. The Sultan remains the father of all and an embodiment of our cultural and religious values”, he explained.

The party further alleged that the PDP is resorting to hiring willing religious clerics with the aime of tarnishing the good  image of APC insinuating that” we have  scores to settle with Sultanate Council.”

While in furtherance to that, the APC claimed allegations abound that the main opposition party in the state had perfected plans to bribe electoral  officers at LG levels so that their supporters could vote with PVCs other than theirs stressing that” you may recall we raised alarm that PDP have in its possession number of unclaimed  PVCs clandestinely acquired for this purpose.

In the same vein, the Sokoto state APC acknowledged in  appreciation of upright officers of INEC who refused to be lured nor compromised by any undue inducement while urging the electoral umpire to be vigilant and rise to its responsibility against the challenge posed by then opposition PDP in the state.

” We request or a free and fair election devoid of any form of malpractice while urging our supporters to redouble their efforts by massively voting for our party for a new government that will reposition the state as well support and cooperate with Mr President to move the country o the next level of hope and prosperity.



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