Happy New 2020. January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

CancerAware Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria.

Happy new year from the CancerAware team.

Thank you to everyone who has signed the #14000Reasons petition since the campaign took off. 

We are almost hitting the 40,000 mark, thank you! Thank you for lending your voice to this very important subject by sharing on social media and with your contacts.

At CancerAware, we are geared up for the new year and as you may be aware, January is the globalĀ Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. We have already kicked it off with several activities lined up for the month.

Another date worthy of note is March 4 2020, which is the global HPV Awareness Day. On this day, we will be unveiling an important aspect of the #14000Reasons campaign. Please keep abreast with our activities by following us on our social media channels below.

The HPV virus (human papillomavirus) is the main cause of cervical cancer in women. It is also a risk factor for other cancers in both men and women including some types of head and neck cancers, penile, anal, vulvar and vaginal cancers.

Our “What is HPV?” explainer video attached below describes the HPV virus in one minute. Do share it with your friends and contacts. You may be saving a life! Remember, vaccination and screening is the best way to prevent Cervical cancer. 

Every one of the 14000 women who are diagnosed with cervical cancer in Nigeria each year have a story. Each story represents the #14000Reasons why investment must be made in the HPV vaccine thereby protecting a whole generation of girls who will eventually become women.

Join us. Lend your voice to this important campaign in 3 steps.

Sign the petition.
Follow the #14000Reasons hashtag on social media.
Share with your contacts.

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