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I Prefer To Die Than For Me Not To Do My Job-Ezekiel

Taraba state Investment & Property comlany
Taraba state Investment & Property company
Emmanuel Peter, Jalingo
The managing director Taraba Investment and Properties Limited, Mr. Iliya Ezekiel, said he preferred to die or be killed than for him not to perform in his designated assignment. He spoke point blank that no any moribund company owned by the Taraba State government that will not be revived under his watch. 

Mr. Ezekiel was a banker but an economics by discipline. He is a fellow of many Nigerian institutes and had also received many awards. But the most recent award he received is fellow of the Nigerian institute of administrator.

Speaking on the Taraba State Investments, Mr. Ezekiel said, before he was appointed the MD of the Taraba State Investment and Properties Limited, no single company that was functioning. Stating that all companies and Properties owned by the Taraba State government were all in the state of moribund. But through his consanted effort, today many key properties has been revived and well functioning.
Mentioning his achievements, Mr. Ezekiel noted that his administration has revived about 7 completely dead ‎properties belonging to the state and these are; Mambilla Beverages Nigeria LTD; Taraba Gas Limited; Taraba Micro-Finance Bank Limited; Trip Poly Products Ltd; Taraba Oil Mills Ltd and Viva feedmill Ltd. Adding that others are on the pipeline.
He noted: “We have done a lot in terms of reviving most of the moribund Taraba State properties. We met eventually nothing on ground but through the efforts of His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Taraba State, in person of Arch. Ishaku Darius, who came with a strong secure mission and he was able to inject ‎funds into all the properties listed. And this is how we were able to do what we have done.
“Do you know that through the revival of all these companies, we ‎have been able to employ a lot of our young youths. Many of them are now gainful employed. The reason why people are criticing this government is because they don’t know the important of companies. All they want to see is roads and roads cannot put food on their tables. You cannot employ anybody on the road but you can employ somebody into a company, which will eventually put food on his/her table.
“When I was appointed, I told myself that before I leave this office no single company or property belonging to Taraba State government will remain abandoned. I will ensure that all are revived even if it means to throw my last blood. I have received a lot of treats, but I refused to bow. Sometimes I closed from my office around 12 am midnight, planning and strateging on the way forward. I also use to put my personal monies just to ensure things works. And as I said, I will not spear anyone who temper with what have laboured to built  so far.
“I so much have confidence on the administration of Governor Ishaku Dickson Darius, because he has done what other passed Governors could not do. He resuscitated these properties that were abandoned for more than10 to 15 years ago.
‎”Apart from that, Taraba state is now rated the highest in terms of state government investments. All states in the north, no single one can be compared with Taraba State. Many of them have come to me and were asking how we are doing it.
“Let me tell you, we have begun to get foreign partners who wants our products. Intact, have already started exporting some of our products to others countries and we do hope that within the shortest period of time our products will be available everywhere. I also believe with our direct foreign partnership, we will be able to raise our IGR.
He however, commended the Governor for his resilience in moving Taraba State forward in terms of industrial ‎revolution




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