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Introducing Afrinection – Africa’s Network

Afrinection, is a free web-based integrated professional networking, jobs, and marketing platform aims to address the gap of networking among African professionals, African investment opportunity identification by prospective investors, and product/service marketing visibility for African owned businesses or those targeting the African demographic both in the diaspora and on-continent.
Afrinection, launched by Mr. Kifle, of Ethiopian heritage, was launched to fill a critical void in the three key areas: 1) The lack of a professional networking platform enabling interactions between African professionals or those whose business/expertise focuses on Africa; 2) The lack of a platform for African entrepreneurs to showcase their respective products/services to a broader audience and engage with prospective investors; and 3) The lack of a pan-African jobs platform enabling African businesses or those with a presence in Africa to fill job vacancies In Africa, also enabling the diaspora abroad to apply for jobs in Africa.
In a broad sense, Afrinection aims to create network enabling registered individuals and companies/organizations to establish meaningful connections. Afrinection serves as a networking hotspot giving registered users to insightful commentary and dialogue via the forum and blog pages, as well as access to the network page enabling you to search for and interact with specific individuals or companies suiting your professional networking needs. For those seeking to see the latest brands, companies and organizations led by African entrepreneurs and businesses, the advertising partners page showcases such products and services offered with a one-time fee of USD$25 to create a life-time advertisement on the page.

The vision of Afrinection is to create a scalable, effective and lasting platform for establishing networking, investment opportunity and talent identification. This vision is in response to what Mr. Kifle viewed as a massive gap in terms of a truly global platform enabling networking among African professionals, entrepreneurs and jobseekers both in Africa and abroad, providing visibility to African owned businesses, brands and ventures, and engaging corporations and businesses by providing a platform to identify top African talent. Afrinection serves to bridge this gap. The mission of Afrinection is to serve as the go-to resource for African entrepreneurs, job seekers, and professionals to connect with prospective investors, employers, and other African professionals across the globe while providing visibility to African owned enterprises to a global consumer base as advertising partners.

Mr. Kifle notes a simple, yet powerful use-case for Afrinection, “Afrinection brings much needed visibility to the Afrinection jobseekers seeking meaningful employment to not only grow as a professional, but also support who he/she has to in life. Afrinection brings visibility to the current or aspiring African entrepreneur whose product or service impacts many, and at the same time, helps them earn a living. Afrinection allows the African professional to say that there really are other professionals like me with whom I can connect and feel like we are all part of a big community. Afrinection opens the door for advertising to Africans across the globe. By developing a brand new ecosystem driving innovation, job growth, and networking, Afrinection answers the call. We grow Africa together.”

Media inquiries:

For more information on Afrinection, please visit www.afrinection.com or send an email to media@afrinection.com



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