As Nigerians, we are used to a familiar scene like this. When you forcefully rig somebody out, you just launch all blistering media attacks to obliterate him and depict his supporters as people from the dark corners of Satan. This is deliberately done to silence them into oblivion.

This is what is playing out. The Americans have fully copied the Nigerian electoral system of fraud and magic in its entirety. It means that we aren’t bad after all. Joe Biden has been declared the winner of that joke of an election. I only wondered why it took those states so long to swam his hundreds of thousands of deficits votes from the skies.

The movie was so clear on election night that it was easy to decipher. They shouldn’t have even had that Election, they should have just declared him winner before the election. We need to probe why they wasted Joe Biden’s precious time before declaring him winner…

Like I said, you don’t convince people on truth. Truth is seen. Once you’re trying so hard with hardcore propaganda to convince people that it’s truth, then, people should be justified to take it the other way. Truth is always an open wound.

One thing I give Twale to the Chinese for is their ability to own things. They don’t play games. The Chinese wanted Africa and they got Africa. They’re fully in charge of the continent. Look around you, they’re always closeby…The Chinese wanted Asia, They’re doing all they can to take over. I remember those days when we used to hear of Japan. Where are they now? They know too well where the power resides.

However, in Asia, they’ve got the problems of “American meddlesomeness”. They situated their problem on the “stubborn US President”. They decided to do something about it. True to their words, they did!! They installed a new one!!

For the first time, a country that first sent people to the moon would have a cognitively impaired President who’s getting to advanced form of senility. At times he doesn’t where he is nor remember what his campaign even stood for. He mostly campaigned from his house basement. He left much of his campaign to surrogates who did the talking for him. You could count his campaign stops as they weren’t much. They were all controlled due to his medical condition. This is the new American President…I thought “quota system” to take care of disadvantaged people is only for us…

For China to pull this off by installing a man on the downward slope of his mental alertness, it says a lot about the power of China…Forget all the noise coming out. China is the big deal..

Nigerian Politicians should just demand for copyright payoff from the copycat American politicians on this method. Na dia own.

All hail Joe Biden. The new President of a country that was once a great one…My chinese lessons have increased in intensity….Better learn yours!!

Still quiet and still observing…

Trust it remains peaceful and gentle around you… Ewolewoo!!

By Ik Uremeh , Member of “POLITICAL FORUM G50”

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