The audit queries are for Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) that have not largely complied with relevant financial instructions/treasury circulars as well as Kaduna state government fiscal policies. The queries below are of MDAs that failed to either treat or even respond to these queries as required by relevant legislation (s).

Note: The titles of most of the MDAs have been changed by the current government but still reflect same in the 2020 Auditor-General report.

According to the Report of the Auditor-General on the Accounts of the Government of Kaduna State of Nigeria for the year ended, 31st December, 2020, below are the MDAs with unsettled queries:

Ministry of Science & Technology (now under Ministry of Education)

✓ N8.1 million

Ministry of Chieftaincy Affairs (now under Ministry of Local Government Affairs)

✓ N489,235.00

Ministry of Justice

✓ N34.8 million

Ministry of Education

✓ N127.1 million

Ministry of Health

✓ N11.5 million

Ministry of Youth & Sport (restructured with the Ministry of Sport standing alone, will the department of youth is under Ministry of Human Services & Social Development)

✓ N122.4 million

Ministry of Agriculture

✓ N471.5 million

Ministry of Finance

✓ N18.7 million

Poverty Alleviation

✓ N43.0 million

Ministry of Lands & Survey (now KADGIS)

✓ N3.9 million

Bureau of Interfaith

✓ N9.8 million

The sum total of the audit queries is N851.8 million


✓ The titles of the MDAs shows that these queries predates this current government. The same queries have been reflecting in the previous audit reports as seen in 2019 in the attached infographic.

✓ That these same old queries continue to reflect year in, year out; does it mean that since the emergence of this government no MDA has defaulted and queried.

✓ Why have the audit queries not been addressed for many years. Does this means Kaduna State House of Assembly has not been adequately treating the audited reports sent to it in line with the law.

✓ All active citizens and civil society organizations must engage the Kaduna State House of Assembly to ensure that these queries are acted upon.

Lets engage, ask the right questions and hold the government accountable



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