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MISSING BABY: Deaf Women Association Reacts

MISSING BABY OF DEAF PARENT OUR STAND (kaduna state Deaf women association)

 Press Release

We, the Kaduna state deaf women association who are also mothers, are indeed saddened by the news making round of a missing baby of deaf parent, which occurred on the 10th of January 2018 at Yusuf Dantsoho memorial hospital, popularly known as Asibitin dutse.

Indeed, this accident is first of its kind that happened to one of us especially at this New year which are all look forward with great hope and expectations.

We in our capacity as mothers of deaf women in kaduna visited the parent of child at the hospital to commiserate with them over the unfortunate accident.

We appealed by this accident and blame the family of the deaf parent who are present at the hospital when the accident happened.

We are therefore calling on the management of the hospital and government to beef up security at the hospital and to ensure compliance with visitors time table,in order to avoid influx of visitors at odd hours.

We are certain that if such steps are taken such accident will be avoided.

Lastly,we are calling on the state government to provide disabled friendly unit at all government owned hospital to provide services for disabled.

Thank you






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