My Robotics Can Save Nigerian Lives – Zaria Academy Student Declares

A student of Zaria Academy, Mujaheed Ali Goni, have design and constructed Multifunctional Robotic vehicle which he said can be used to save lives, money and time in the fight against insurgency in Nigeria.

The robotic vehicle which was part of some of the products being exhibited by the school at the 39th Kaduna International Trade Fair was designed and programmed by Mujaheed as part of his practical works as the President of Junior Engineers and Technicians (JET) Club of Zaria academy.

Zaria Academy Student

While democtrasting how the robotic vehicle works he appreciated the management of his school, Zaria Academy, for creating the enabling environment for students to showcase their practical works at the Trade Fair. Mujaheed said the knowledge acquired by the students was because of the quality of teachers, science & technology lab, Library and the state of the art ICT center in Zaria Academy.

Zaria Academy is a coeducational secondary institution based in Shika, Kaduna state.

Zaria Academy Pavilion at 39th Kaduna International Trade Fair


  1. This is great indeed and it shows that the future belongs to our youth whose creativity and ingenuity will see us through the future challenges.
    Congrats Zaria Academy. More expected

  2. A chip of the old bloc. Like father like son at Zaria Academy. Our future is in our youths hands under the guidance of a great institution. Bravo!

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