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Nigeria Student Develops Traffic Solution For Nigerian Roads

A student of Zaria Academy, Shika, Kaduna, North Central Nigeria, has developed a smart Vehicle Trafficking light as part of his contribution to developing a home grown automated indigenous traffic management system for Nigeria.

The smart traffic light, developed by Ibrahim M. Amody of the JET Club, Zaria Academy, is configured and programmed to calculate vehicular density and frequency of vehicle movement on specific road lanes to determine the traffic lite frequency of switching between the green light and red lights thereby easing the rate of movement of vehicles on the road and time spent by drivers and commuters.

Procyon News asked Ibrahim why he picked this particular project. He said “I have observed traffic lights in Nigeria and I discovered that most traffic lights in Nigeria use timers that are programmed to sped spesiffic amount of time per lane no minding we there their are vehicles on the lane or not, and this has a tendency to make road users spend more time on the road which often leads to impatience. And we know impatience contributes to ‘road rage’ incidences on our highways

“This traffic lights will help save man-hour lost on the road, save fuel wasted and reduce water and tear on the vehicle.

Ibrahim further said the lights configuration is a combination of programmes he developed and sensors that can read vehicle density on the road.

Inadiquate Vehicle traffic management in Nigeria is largely responsible for the untold hardship faced by Nigerians on our roads. This is due largely to application of foreign traffic management solution by the government at all levels.

With the developendt of this home grown management solution by this student of Zaria Academy, this problem may soon become a thing of the past if the government decides to commission this institute to mass produce the product.

Zaria Academy is a secondary co-educational institution based in Shika, Kaduna state Nigeria. The Institute is participating in the 39th Kaduna International Trade Fair in Kaduna state.



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