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Nigerian Army General slumps and dies while running during physical training test

A top Nigerian Army General has slumped and died while running during the Second Annual Physical Training Test for 2023.

According to a source, the senior officer of the Nigerian Army fell while running and was confirmed dead at the hospital where he was rushed to, on Monday, August 21, 2023,

The source added that the Nigerian Army General was buried on Monday evening according to Islamic rites.

The source said “sadly, an Army Brigadier General lost his life while running during the Second Annual Physical Training Test for the year 2023.

“His name is Brigadier General I.M. Ahmadu, an Artillery Officer currently serving in the Army Headquarters Department of Special Services and Programmes.

“The General has however been buried this evening(Monday) according to Islamic rite,” the source said.

Meanwhile, the 81 Division, Nigerian Army has commenced investigation into the alleged killing of an innocent driver in Lagos.

Spokesperson for the Division, Lt. Colonel Olabisi Ayeni, made the disclosure to newsmen, over the weekend.

According to him, “Headquarters 81 Division Nigerian Army (NA) wishes to inform the general public that it has commenced investigation into an alleged killing of one Mr. Lawal who was said to have been killed by some persons in military uniform on August 17, 2023.

“In as much as information into the allegation is still scanty at the moment, being a responsible organisation, Headquarters 81 Division Nigerian Army considers it appropriate to bring the occurrence to public notice and the steps taken to identify the alleged persons in military uniform, believed to be soldiers, and bring them to justice, if truly they are serving soldiers.

“The Division is currently carrying out an investigation in conjunction with the Nigerian Police Lagos State Command to unravel the identity of the alleged suspects and the circumstances surrounding the alleged unfortunate incident.

“At the end of the investigation, if the suspects are identified as serving soldiers, they would be made to face the full wrath of both military and civil laws.

“While the matter is under investigation, Headquarters 81 Division requests the family of the deceased to exercise patience and wait for the outcome of the investigation as whosoever is found wanting would be made to face disciplinary action.

“The Nigerian Army has zero tolerance for troops’ misconduct or involvement of its personnel in any form of criminality, hence, will not allow this allegation to go unravelled.

“Consequently, the General Officer Commanding 81 Division, Major General M. T. Usman, commiserates with the family of the victim, while promising that justice would be served accordingly. He assures the family of the deceased that whosoever killed their loved one would not be allowed to go unpunished.”



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