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OPINION: Gov Obaseki One Year Into Second Term … Now Matters Arising

By Dr Bright Oniovokukor

This time last year, 19th September, 2020 Edo People were smiling as the results were coming from different locations.

Phone calls were on, social media was agog with post.

Some persons were drinking wine, smiling and laughing loud giving each other 4+4, chatting Ogbane.

Today is 19th September, 2021, 12months after….. are the people still smiling, are the people sitting together to drink and say we are proud of our decision. How far and have the campaign promises been met, the immediate or long term?

Can the people do an appraisal of the campaign promises against the achievements.

In a matter of weeks, It would 1year post swearing-in can alot of grounds still be covered before then.

Yes, the Governor is working as insinuated in many quarters but what is the impact on the teeming masses that shouted “torga or ogbane”.

Today is a day of mixed feelings when you go round the city. The level of satisfaction is not commensurate to the chanting of slogans that eventually manifested in the polling booths and the results released. Some are contented that they are in the ruling party, but beyond that is another story entirely.

People are hoping against hope that things would change for the better in the coming days.

Looking back from 12months ago, many persons are disappointed, some do not know what to expect anymore while others are living as the day come.

The recent outburst on the COVID-19 vaccination was a clear indication of bottled up emotion that they found a way to express. In as much as some of the citizens know that the vaccine is good, they are kicking against it because some basic things that they had expected are not in place.

The compounding issues remains, where to start /continue from?

Model of administration
Leadership style
Conflict Resolution

The benefit of doubt still remains that all that is happening is in the interest of Edo on the long run.

For those saying all is well, we are all watching to see how its actually going and pray that it all end well in smiles and laughter.

Dr Bright Oniovokukor writes from Edo State



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