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OPINION: The god of Kaduna

Among gods there are gods. There are the less privileged gods and the privileged ones. The god of Kaduna is mighty but small. He has a terminal illness of bigotry and a protracted illness of vain-glory.

To him, all other gods are wrong except him. To him all peasants are clueless and in his ruler- ship he holds the compass and he commands the storms. This god is an ethnic god presiding over the affairs of a multiethnic people. He treats a particular group of the people he rules with contempt and constantly blames them for all their misfortunes; including the ones he initiated.

This god speaks from both sides of his mouth. It is so bad that no one can really say how he likes his tea. Some say he likes it hot, others say he likes it warm. The god of Kaduna is ungodly. He savours and prioritizes the idea of beautiful roads and colourful bridges but not colourful smiles on the beautiful faces of his people. One will wonder, are the roads and bridges a sheer ostentatious display of technocracy or an attempt towards bettering the human, social and economic balance in the State?

One will still argue that, to what end are the roads and bridges built if there are no people to trod them since the State wallows in incessant and persistent destruction of lives and properties of the citizens coupled with the anti-social and anti-human policies being implemented in the State.

The god of Kaduna is the best god but, only on paper. He governs with facts and figures but, in reality, the facts are in perpetual contradiction with the figures.

A few years ago, the god of Kaduna in his wisdom sacked over 21,000 experienced, hardworking, trained, and competent teachers then employed about 27,000 inexperienced, educated and scarcely competent individuals.into the State’s education space.

The god of Kaduna among so many beautiful things decreed that in Kaduna State, Fridays are off for workers so they can get enough time to rest thereby boosting their productivity at work. Interesting; just because one can readily provide self-conceived intellectual reasons for a heap of nonsense doesn’t make them reasonable.

The god of Kaduna came in an angel’s regalia. And now, he is rather wearing the devil’s suit.

In the entire history of mankind, all the freaking mortals who paraded themselves as gods never lived forever. They all died.
Under the watch of the god of Kaduna, a group of terrorists have been attacking the inhabitants of his State. They come and set people’s houses ablaze then wait outside for the people to run out then they shoot them dead like rats running from a burning bush right into the dangerous arms of their hunters.

In the months of September and October, 2021, this same god shut down telecommunications network in his State in order to fight insecurity. While the network remained shutdown, social and economic activities across the State dwindled from bad to worse and from worse to the worst and from the worst to something greater than the worst. Ironically, the shutdown didn’t help a bit. The attacks, killings and abductions escalated. In fact, the terrorists had a good time during the shutdown as it further aided their activities but, in his usual wisdom, he said that the network was shutdown to address insecurity across affected communities in the State.

There are so many beautiful things the god of Kaduna has done for his people. So many that time and space will not afford us the luxury of mentioning.

The most amusing thing is that the god of Kaduna, boasted recently that, he will keep doing his godly duties of demolishing structures and people’s houses across the state and sacking workers in his state until the eve of his descent. All hail the god!

Interestingly, from today the 23rd of May 2023, less than 6 days from now, the god of Kaduna will descend from his exalted throne of godlihood to take a seat among mere mortals.

In the evening of May 29th 2023 he will be referred to as a “former god of Kaduna”. gods are gods. And if at all they will be addressed with the adjective “former”, then they were never gods.

We the mases are ready to give you a warm reception on your descension.

Like the flickering of the flame of a lit candle at dusk to a heap of collapsed and weary wax at dawn is the transient nature of power.

Welcome back, to our fold, in advance, sir.

– Ziniyet Godwin Hilary

(writing from Kaduna State).



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