Ali Modu Sheriff
Ali Modu Sheriff

Our attention has been drawn to a false video trending online titled SAS lynched in Maiduguri.

About 18 months ago, senator Ali Modu Sheriff, the former Governor of Borno State and the immediate past National Chairman of PDP paid a condolence visit to Alhaji Waziri, Chairman APC Maiduguri metropolitan.

As soon as news filtered that the most respected and distinguished Sen. Ali Modu Sheriff was in town, a mammoth crowd gathered as usual to have a glimpse of their respected leader.

The interest of the crowd draws from the fact that the current state governor has been abysmal in performance to say the least.

When you listen to the video you will hear clearly the chanting of Sai SAS, Sai SAS, Sheriff, Sheriff, Sai SAS. This is a mark of love.

The aggression of the crowd was not toward Sheriff, but the security personnel who were preventing them from interacting with their respected leader.

The Government of Borno State has been playing pranks and employing his mischief to dampen the image of Ali Modu Sheriff for six years now. Tact and tactics of different types continue unabated but they always fail.

Event after event in Mauduguri have proven Sheriff as the indefatigable leader of his people, a good example was during the wedding of his daughter earlier this year, Mauduguri was closed for two days as people of all works of life came to celebrate the man, Sheriff.

Alas, 2019 is at hand and Governor Shetima will have cause to produce a report card, off course there will be no surprises.

In Mauduguri, Governor Shetima cannot walk free on the street, while Sheriff walks freely every day. In Mauduguri, the citizens know that Governor Shetima is the Boko Haram boss and the keeper of Chibok Girls.

In Mauduguri, the citizen know that Sheriff left N58 billion in the treasury when he left office, but that Shetima converted it all into personal use.

The good people of Mauduguri and Nigeria in general are hereby advised to discountenance the fake video.


Kolo Adams


SA Media to Sheriff

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