Pst James Komolafe
Pst James Komolafe

…….”Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices”2 Cor 2:11

  • The enemy waits and targets our points of weakness!
  • He wants to strike when the chips are down; when we consciously or unconsciously break the hedge!

Energy sins are grievous sins against virile health and long life!

It determines how one lives, productive or unproductive..whether good, bad, long or short!
Many leaders and pastors, active demography are in the trap.
Energy sins are traceable and to the glory of God avoidable.

The four keys required …

1. Knowledge

2. Interpretation

3. Application

4. Personal decision for new adaptation based on informed knowledge.

The enemy is on the prowl but God is at work better and faster! Keeping this information to myself and you alone may not impart much on the body of Christ!
We must prevent sudden collapses, frequent untimely deaths and disasters among the saints through ignore and ignorance gaps!
What can I do then?

1. Request through an email for the 50 Energy sins analysis. 2. Study on an individual note/ family or group.
3. Take the behavioral health assessment test(BHAT). It is a- do-it-yourself- biometric test of 10 questions on a personal note.
4. Determine your score line through simple calculation.
5. Obtain the 10 interpretation of your score from the The School of Articulation.
6. Make the radical change needed in your pattern of life and that of your loved ones…. live well and long!
7. Pass the same message to your loved ones and become a marshal to many as we curb sudden exhaustion, collapses, poor health and productivity, fatigue and deaths among the saints and loved ones.
Mary Slessor stopped the killing of twins! ; LET US JOIN HANDS TO STOP THE DEATHS AND SUDDEN COLLAPSES!!!!!!!!. LORD HAVE MERCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
For details and enquiries contact directly James Komolafe, Behavioral Health Manager at The School of Articulation and Behavioral Alignment Clinics(SABA Clinics) 0803- 5999-220

Life is all about energy generation and expenditure.

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