Revealed: Indian Foils El-Zakzakky’s Planned Escape to Iran

Sheik Ibrahim Al-Zakzaky
Sheik Ibrahim Al-Zakzaky

Impeccable sources in the know of events at Mendata Hospital in Indian has revealed that the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheik Ibraheem El-Zazaky has refused treatment in Medanta Hospital in India due to the failure of the Indian Hospital to facilitate his escape to Iran.

The source who pleaded anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the matter stated that the plot for the escape of Ibraheem EL-Zazaky was meant to have been carried out from the airport with an aircraft from the Iranian authorities already on the ground.

“The plot was hatched the moment it was confirmed that he was coming to India for treatment. Officials from the Iranian Embassy reached out to some staff of the hospital to assist with ferrying El-Zazaky to Iran in an attempt to evade his ongoing terrorism trial in Nigeria. The hospital management quickly informed the Indian authorities of the overtures made and stated their unwillingness to receive the patient at the hospital in case anything went wrong.”

“The Indian authorities were incensed by the revelation and pleaded with the management of the hospital not to back out as the move might further generate unpleasant headlines that the Indian authorities were not ready for the backlash that might arise.”

The source further added that the Chief Medical Director was promised extra security for the high profile patient with support from the Indian Immigration as well as the security agencies to ensure there is no breakdown of law and order.

“The hospital with support from the security agencies succeeded in creating a decoy by using a different route from the airport in an attempt to take unawares those mandated by the Iranian authorities to execute the plot.”

A top functionary of the Medanta hospital stated that the hospital put many security measures in place to ensure that the ride from the airport to the hospital was a smooth one and devoid of any escape attempt.

“The extra security presence rattled the patient who was visibly angry with the high presence of security operatives from the airport to the hospital. This situation prompted Ibraheem El-Zazaky to complain that he wanted to meet with his supporters and that he has a message for them. However, the hospital management assured him this his health is of paramount than meeting with supporters, and moreover, his condition would not warrant such a meeting. However, it did not go down well with him.”

“The patient consequently refused any form of access to him. He stated that his religion forbids for a non-Shia to take his blood samples and that it must only be a Shia Muslim that can take his blood sample.”

It was gathered that the insistence of the IMN leader to have a Shia doctor take his blood sample infuriated the management of the hospital that they requested that the patient be transferred to another medical facility. But this request was turned down by the Indian authorities knowing that the Medanta hospital is one the best in India with the specialty in treating his ailment.

A top member of the Indian security stated that it had been a difficult situation for the government in India that fear the possible diplomatic row that would ensue between Nigeria and India should the Iranian authorities have their way in ferrying the patient out of the country.

“The medical board was forced to make a presentation to the Indian authorities to the fact that the bulk of those coming to India for medical treatment are from Nigeria and should a diplomatic row ensue, it would harm their businesses. They further stated that in the light of the patient refusing treatment, no other hospital would be willing to admit him, but instead, he should be taken back to Nigeria in the interest of peace.”

It was also gathered that the pressure from the Iranian authorities intensified with overtures made to the security agencies, including the Indian immigration, to assist in facilitating the escape of the IMN leader.

An immigration source stated that the pressure forced the Indian Immigration to carry out sweeping changes in the immigration department at the airports if those earlier posted had been compromised.

“There was a massive redeployment of security and immigration officials at the airports with a stern directive from the authorities to seek clearance from the Foreign ministry for landing and take-off from any country in the Western Asia region.”

The source further stated that the extra security measure deployed in Indian indeed frustrated those that have been making overtures for the movement of the IMN leader from India to Iran.

“it is a difficult situation for the Indian authorities as it stands because of the refusal of the IMN leader to subject himself to treatment and it was observed that his continued stay in India might have some consequences in the polity.”

“We fear for a radicalization of the youths who can be easily swayed by a few wads of dollars, and as we speak the authorities in India have reached out to the Nigerian authorities with its reservations to the continued stay of the IMN leader in the country with his refusal to subject himself to treatment.

“They fear the worst could happen, and if that happens, the consequences might be unpleasant, and as such, the authorities are considering a couple of options on the table. Which includes the immediate departure of the IMN leader from India to any country of his choice.”

This medium was able to gather that the IMN leader and his supporters have resorted to making unguarded statements as a ploy to attract public sympathy. This explains the statement credited to the IMN leader as describing the Medanta hospital as worse than the Kirikiri prison in Nigeria.

A highly placed hospital source confided in this medium that the statements by the IMN leader that the reception he has received from the Medanta hospital is worse are as a result of the refusal of the hospital to play ball in his quest to evade justice.

“The Medanta hospital in India is one of the best specialist hospitals that boasts of the best hands in the medical industry. So for such statements questioning the capacity of the hospital to attend to his health issue is pure mischief and I can assure you that, but for the pressure from the Indian authorities the hospital would have discharged Ibraheem El-Zazarky for the negative implications his statements would have on the reputation of the hospital.”

“The hospital authorities, as well as the Indian authorities, are concerned about the politics been played by the IMN leader, which was not the initial arrangement.” He stated.

In a similar vein it as gathered that the Nigerian authorities are in touch with the Indian authorities towards seeking an amicable solution to the impasse created by the IMN leader.

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