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In response to the many enquiries coming to the LNC regarding the debate on boycott or no boycott of the Anambra Governorship Election Stated for November, 2017, I will repost below An Open Memorandum by the LNC regarding further National Elections under the obnoxious 1999 Constitution in Eastern Nigeria, particularly the 2019 Electoral Round.

In that Open Memorandum issued April 11th, 2017, the LNC, for the Strategic reasons elaborately stated in that Open Memo, expressly and categorically excluded the November 2017 Anambra Governorship Election from its Campaigns towards halting the preparations for any further National Elections under the so-called 1999 Constitution, in the Lower Niger, of which Eastern Nigeria is part.

The last paragraph in the said April 11, 2017 Open Memorandum by the LNC, states its position which is that the LNC is not interested in the Anambra Governorship Election for the purpose of any kind of halting, or disruption and boycott for the simple reason that the outcome of that Election will not address any part of the Grave Constitutional Issues being raised by the LNC since the winner of that Election will swear allegiance to and govern with the 1999 Constitution.

While explaining the futility boycotts in matters like this, we also indicated that the LNC would rather focus all its energies on halting the march to the 2019 National Elections in the Territory well ahead of 2019, possibly in 2017, to allow the De Klerk Transitioning Model in which already elected officials maintain nominal governance in the Transitional Period . This is totally different from a boycott that could happen only in 2019.

Let it be known that as at today 24th June 2017, the LNC has not taken any position, for or against the boycott being canvassed by IPOB as consultations are in progress with relevant Stakeholders. The LNC remains committed to its April 11, 2017 in which the Anambra Elections may or may not be affected by the Campaign to halt the journey towards 2019 under the 1999 Constitution.

Any publication of this Notice by anyone, must be accompanied by the April 11, 2017 Open Memorandum by the LNC on the subject to avoid a misrepresentation or misinterpretation of the LNC especially as relating to the IPOB position.

Accordingly, any publication of this Notice that fails to publish in the full April 11, 2017 Open Memo is hereby disclaimed.

Here is the April 11, MEMO:


The remediation to the Constitutional enshacklement and enslavement of Eastern Nigeria cannot be undertaken by way of Amendments to the imposed Constitutional Regime (1999), nor is anything that the assemblage of Legislators at the National Assembly in Abuja would address even by way of any “Restructuring” that retains the Nigeria defined by the fraudulent 1999 Constitution, as they (NASS), lack constituent powers to deal with the Sovereignty disputation the whole situation represents.

Just like Apartheid in South Africa went beyond the Mandate of the then Parliament in South Africa as Oliver Thambo, Walter Sisulu, Nelson Mandela and their fellow Black Compatriots, raised Sovereignty Questions which could only be addressed by the wholesale jettisoning of the Apartheid Constitutional Order.

That is the starting point, and so in the case of the present Nigeria, defined by the imposed Master-Servant Constitution 1999, the starting point is the wholesale ouster and jettisoning of the 1999 Constitution.

Those who imposed it upon the rest of us are unwilling to have a renegotiation of the Basis and Terms of our mutual Coexistence in the Union of Attrition Nigeria has become especially for the East (Nd’Igbo in particular).

They arrogantly declare to our face that that Basis and those Terms are now Nonnegotiable. They declare to us that the Marriage of Death called Nigeria is now Indivisible and Indissoluble.

By Decree, they wrote those overarching Declarations into what we now call the 1999 Constitution which in the most skewed way possible, define everything else including the ownership of all Economic Assets, the powers to work those assets including oil, gas, coal and vast maritime resources which belonged to the Eastern Region up to July 1966.

These properties, assets and rights no longer belong to and can no longer be worked to the benefit of the real owners who must now go grovel at the feet of the new owners in Sokoto, Katsina, Kano and Maiduguri for mercy drops and handouts with much insults.

By Decrees embedded in that evil Constitution, there are now 36 States and 774 LGs with concomitant revenue sharing and representation implications that now render the Igbo, which entered Independence in 1960 as over 60% of post- colonial Nigeria in all ramifications, a negligible political minority in all things.

From the perspective of Eastern Nigeria and for the avoidance of doubt, what the situation requires in the minimum, is the complete dismantling of that Master-Servant Constitutional Order. Negotiations that could lead to fresh Protocols would have to take place and where that is made impossible either by the adamant recalcitrance of one side or by some irreconcilable clash of civilizations as represented by Caliphate Sharia and Feudalism against the Eastern Nigerian Christian-Faith Republicanism.

That is what we are being told by our conquerors, has become unchangeable and nonnegotiable!!.

It is the demand for this irreducible minimum that has been criminalized by the Nigerian State for which young people are being shot like wild animals in the East by the uniformed, armed agents of our conquerors in the 1967 War who nevertheless maraud in the East under the codename “Federal Government of Nigeria”. The LNC asks: Which Nigeria?

If after 50 years of waiting from the January 1967 of Aburi and a Genocidal War in which our conquerors killed over 3.5 millions of our kith and kin, the same enemy is telling us so formally (Written into 1999 Constitution), arrogantly and menacingly that our slave status has become permanent and nonnegotiable, while a nee wave of genocide is being unleashed and more planned to be unleashed by the same malevolent forces that came upon us in 1967, then it has become an urgent duty of survival and honour for those in East who can muster whatever it would take, to put to death that monstrous enemy that goes by the name “Nigeria”, especially as defined by the Caliphate-imposed 1999 Constitution so that those who are not yet killed in the East would not be killed and so that the huge task of Reconstruction of the Damaged Eastern Nigeria will commence in earnest.

It is that duty that the LNC has embraced wholeheartedly. It is that duty that MASSOB, IPOB and the Niger Delta Agitations had embraced in their own way, paying the supreme price.

What the LNC has done differently from the rest of the Eastern Nigeria Self-determination Collective, is to frame the 50 year old Sovereignty disputation raging between the East and the rest of Nigeria, in terms of Rejecting the Constitution that enact and encapsulate the whole Master-Servant reality Nigeria has become for the East.

It is within that Strategic reframing of the Issue and the Sovereignty Disputation it represents, that the LNC targets the Election by which the life of the fraudulent Constitution will be renewed and reinforced in 2019.

For those who did not notice the otherwise inexplicable anomaly of INEC advertising the dates of 2019 Elections in March 2017, know it now that that action was informed by the desperation of an embattled Caliphate to throw in that Electoral distraction as a strategy for taking the wind out of the sail of the bourgeoning Self-determination quest of especially Eastern Nigeria, amidst the deafening shouts for Restructuring from the equally frustrated Yoruba Region which had been mist rambunctiously finalizing its post-Nigeria designed which it cleverly tagged “Regional Integration”, at a time when it would also appear that Atiku Abubakar had suddenly seen the handwriting on the walls of the rickety One-Nigeria and so began to crow very loudly about “Restructuring” amongst his obdurate Caliphate kinsmen.

It is within this this paradigm of engaging that the journey to 2019 Elections has become the Strategic decider for what would be the outcome of the long standing Nigeria Question and the Igbo Component of that Question, for if the Status Quo Forces manage to bulldoze their way to holding another Election under the 1999 Constitution and under the superintendence of a devout Caliphate, Igbo-resenter, with an INEC that is unabashedly Caliphate-loyal and compliant, and with all the guns in the land under the vice-grip and tight Caliphate-Control, the World would grieve the second time for the Igbo within 50 years, God forbid, I declare.

Operations Python Dance and Crocodile Smile already reinforced the military occupation of Eastern Nigeria by these malevolent forces from the foot of the Jalon Mountains.

The journey towards that Election 2019 is therefore a matter life and death on that Sovereignty Disputation in terms of whether it holds or not since there is nothing in the horizon that would prevent that obnoxious 1999 Constitution as the basis of that Election.

The winners of those Election INEC advertised for 2019, including the Igbo amongst them, are bound to swear to defend and uphold that Constitution 1999 which torment Alaigbo and Nd’Igbo to death and condemn the remnants as slaves with no right to anything whatsoever including right to life and property.

As already repeatedly explained, those who striving to retain the Unitarist Nigeria of Mater and Servant are brushing past the ubiquitous demands for a Grand Renegotiation of Nigeria (Restructuring) and pushing towards Elections 2019 that will reinforce the Status Quo.

On the other hand, those who insist that an end must come for the Igbo enslavement which is where the LNC and the rest of TGE Eastern Nigeria Self-determination Collective belong, are also setting things in motion to halt the journey towards the 2019 renewal and reinforcement of the Igbo enslavement by way of National Elections under the 1999 Constitution.

That halting must be way ahead of 2019 since boycott has never been an effective tool in matters like this.

This is where what we all do as political actors in 2017/2018 period, especially 2917 become most crucial, most critical.

We will be EITHER on the side of the Status Quo Forces that is pushing to have the 2019 renewal of Igbo misery OR on the side of the Self-determination Forces that seek a Grand Renegotiating of the polity by effectively halting that journey to 2019 by openly rejecting the 1999 Constitution as basis of any further National Elections starting with the one of 2019.

These are the only two sides to that Sovereignty Disputation between Eastern Nigeria and the rest of Nigeria from which all political actors must choose.

All the talk of employing the Party Platform and Elections as the tool for engaging the aforesaid Sovereignty Disputation will therefore be a question of either ignorance or dishonesty.

(For the avoidance of doubt, the LNC is not interested in the Anambra Governorship Election slated for Nov 2017 as the outcome is totally inconsequential to the Sovereignty Disputation which is the LNC concern, for which reason its engagement is the National Elections slated for 2019).


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Tony Nnadi
April 11th, 2017.



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