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Sustainable Cities: Efforts Of Recycling Companies In Northern Nigeria

By Ibrahima Yakubu, Kaduna, Northwest Nigeria.

Despite scarcity of electricity, recycling companies in Northern Nigeria  still survived.putting more effort toward achieving sustainable cities

The chairman o f  kaduna  recycling company   “Shehu plastic & company Nigeria” ,Alhaji shehu usman  says the  importance of changing old material to new once  give economic significance in the recycling company  of todays world.

Shehu disclose this to journalist that visited the recycling plant in kaduna  state. saying that he has tranformed many kaduna street waste to domestic materials

Recycling raw materials

 He said Waste recycling is a major component of waste management that involves the conversion of waste to reusable productswhich can be used for both domestic,and offices used

According to him, The centre is one of the biggest recycling plant in the northern Nigeria were large number of  plastic bottles,rubber and other waste materials  and garbage  were collected and  transformed for various domestic used in the house,

Produced from recycled materials

She said, they buy plastic bottles,rubber and other waste  from scavengers and waste commercial  sellers in the state , in which they transformed for various used

 He note that Waste recycling has numerous benefits to the earth’s environment and its natural resources.adding that ,It is an alternative to “conventional” waste disposal that can save material and help lower greenhouse gas emissions when compared to plastic production,

Stressing that  “all the waste material they buy from scavengers and other waste commercial sellers ,they grained them in to pieces with their grinding machine  , and then take it to were they design  new product which include  Bucket, cups, rubber kettle,basin  and many other thing which can be used for domestic proposes and even in the gardin

“we must note that Recycling does great benefit in conserving the earth’s natural resources and therefore,we must embrace it and save our environment from pollution and other environmental challenges”

He said, recycling is a very important business in developed countries, but its really unfortunate that its now ,African countries are trying to come up with news plans toward recycling trash to cash.

It must be noted that recycling help in cleaning the environment and also generate income and help large number of unemployed youth to be engaged through this business.

He further mansion  that, every month ,they transformed 5 tones of plastic rubber to useful domestic materials in kaduna ,while some of their product were usually  taking to some part of northern Nigeria,

The expert on recycling Alhaji shehu further pointed out ,shortage of recycling companies in the northern Nigeria is becoming a big problems  to issues related to development and  due to lack of enough  technology to boost local recycling companies in the region.

He said, there are lot of benefit in recycling business  but lack of steady electricity,insecurity  in the region is crippling development of many companies as these brings serious  set back toward achieving better things in the future

There is no doubt that a dirty environment affects the standard of living, aesthetic sensibilities, health of the people and thus the quality of their lives

Producing new products from recycled materials is a cost effective way of managing production cost.

He then call on state and federal government other stake holder to be supporting local recycling companies,while urging government to be organizing conference among creative recycling member,so as to boost their effort

Responding dr piman Hoffman ,the director African climate reporters says, there is need for federal government to always empowered more recycling companies in all the 36 state of Nigeria, so as to help the society toward tackling all the trash that is capable of contributing to various diseases and other environmental challenges

He said , Recycling benefits the economy by reducing expenses needed to clear landfill sites off refuse dumps. Millions of naira could additionally be saved if such landfills were reserved for other revenue generating purposes.

Adding also that ,there is need to support all the companies with fund,so as to boost their activities, he equally says  local inhabitants can benefit by selling materials than can be recycled to cover the cost of disposing waste.

He concluded by waste recycling has a significant impact on environmental preservation.



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