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Take Campaign To Rural Dwellers – JNI Tells NGO/CSO

JNI Advised peace Ngos/CSO to takes peace Campaign to Rural Dwellers, in other to promote religious Tolerance & better understanding;

The Kaduna state chairman of the jama’atul nasrul islam Alhaji Jafaru Maikarfi made the call while receiving members of peace revival and recounciliation foundation of Nigeria on a courtesy at his residence.

Makarfi said ,there is the need for all the peace loving NGOs and CSOs in kaduna state  to extend their peace mission to rural areas in other to immensely promote interfaith activities

Makarfi pointed out most of the activities of Peace interfaith and other peace promotion and peace mission do  usually takes place in the cities not the rural areas,while that is where there services are seriously needed ,so as to end all forms of ethno-religious and political crisis bedeviling peace stability in the rural communities\

The state chairman of the JNI draw the attention of all the NGOs & CSOs on the importance of taking peace Campaign to Local communities including Ghettos ,and introduce various peace games and sports which would be used to brings peace and unity among various youth groups that are residing in the rural communities

Makarfi further stressed the need on  uniting Nigerians ,while appealing to Government and wealthy individual to always support in promoting any peace mission by any NGOs in the state

Responding on behalf of the Team leader  of Muslims and Christians  scholars that visited the JNI chairman, pastor Yohanna Buru said, the reason why they paid him a courtesy visit is to strengthen peaceful co-existence between Muslims and Christians in the state,and also to boost inter-religious Tolerance amongs differents faith base organization

Buru said, we  are all from one parents, “Adams and Eve” and we all believed our holy scriptures “Bible and Qur’an”

Buru then called on the Federal Government to create institutes of comparative studies which, according to him, can proffer solutions to ethno-religious crises in the country.

Adding that  such an institute will also help ethnic groups to better understand themselves, promote religious tolerance and how they can live with one another in peace,.



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