Tambuwal finally dumps ruling APC to PDP

Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, Governor of Sokoto State

By Ado Hassan, Sokoto

The long expected change of political platform by seating Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal of Sokoto state had Wednesday finally been sealed with the governor formally dumping the ruling All Progressives Congress(APC) for the opposition Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) following the over whelming call and consent of his supporters.

” Let me at this juncture state emphatically that I return to the PDP with a clear conscience today,  because the party has learnt some bitter lessons and noted what mistakes it must av oid in the future. It is now a repositioned and forward looking political party to which I now pledge loyalty, in my resolve to contribute towards improving the lives of Nigerians and expanding opportunities for the youths”, he furthered pledged.

Others who publicly denounced their membership of the APC at the mammoth gathering rally for the PDP included: Speaker Sokoto stae House of Assembly.and his deputy, Alhaji Abdullahi Miagwandu, Muhammadu Arzika Tureta, Bello Kofar Marke, Mukhtari Maigona, Usman Danmadamin Isa, Dahiru Yusuf Yabo,  Isah Bajini Galadanci, Bello Suleiman, Sahabi Tungar Kwangi, Alhaji Muhammadu Dangoggo, Muazu Zabira among other notable APC members believed to be close to Senator Aliyu Wamakko.

Declaring his new political platform before a tumultous crowd in Sokoto, Tambuwal who gave reason for his defection to the main opposition PDP said” good governance, viz-a-viz economic wellbeing of our people remain the major reasons for my action today.

He noted that” Information from National Bureau of Statistics(NBS) shows that over nine million jobs have been lost in the last 3 years, since the APC government came into office.”

According to him, it was time Sokoto people and Nigerians identified with realities on ground while assuring that “this journey is set to collectively rid the state and country of the immeasurable negative trend of events that have characterised every facet of our lives as citizens.

” We are in dare need to advance the state to its place of glory. We have to fine tune a new political direction  to savage our common collective interests”, he stated.

Tambuwal said the himself and the people of Sokoto state had to take a stand after wide consultations with relevant stakeholders across the state, adding that” I don’t personalise politics and therefore will ask you to suggest a party.

” In line with the best tradition in any major political decision, especially by a serving elected Governor, I have widely painstakingly consulted far ad wide, if the present political platform is a viable vehicle for achieving the aspiration of our people.

” It is because I am convinced that no nation can thrive while there is inequity and bad governance; because I am saddened by the fact that lethargy, incompetence and sustained  denia of obvious leadership missteps have become the major raw materials with which the Nigerian state is being run today”

The governor however, openly threw to the overwhelming crowd the option to suggest which party to defect to and in response the anxious gathering chanted” PDP” while he replied: “I will go with you” and the crowd rented the air with slogans “Sai Mutawalle”

According to the former Speaker of the House of Representatives” Nigeria needs competent hands to drive the cause for capable adminstration that will advance its overall interest to prosperity.

” The yearnings and aspirations of our people in Sokoto state and Nigeria are paramount.”

Tambuwal noted that the struggle for democracy dated back to the era of the fight for independence which he stated that it was driven by sacrifice, resilience and determination to rightfully demonstrate the love for Nigerians and the nation.

” Now almost four years into what ought to  be a new order as desired and elected by Nigerians,
sadly, the nation is going through the most difficult and precarious times, since the civil war, with ethno, religious ad regional distrust at its highest ebb.”

He said” I speak to you today with a mixture of sadness and relief because I did not expect that the APC,  which promised so much when the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) stood under the sway of impunity, could not maintain or manage whatever good it inherited,  has not broken new grounds in any positive sense but has reached historically unprecedented heights of impunity in all manner of vices”, he observed.

According to Tambuwal who could not hide his disenchantment on the absence of federal projects in the state, said” I cannot look those who elected me their Governor here in Sokoto state and boldy point to any meaningful Federal Project initiated in the state under APC government.”

Speaking earlier in same direction with others, Alhaji Isah Bajini Galadanci noted that the FG under President Buhari came into power with the mission to fight insecurity and corruption but today things were fast changing negatively with serious insecurity in the northwest which escalated to places where there was no such threats.

” Today, we have nothing to show and campaign to support Buhari and APC. We have not felt the pulse of  a single federal project in the state. Infact, he is an enemy of Sokoto state. He cannot handle Nigeria. People of Sokoto state and Nigeria are waiting for Tambuwal.

” We are calling on you to dump APC the progressives alliance of the PDP for the better”, he urged the governor.

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