On Saturday, 30th of November, 2019; APC completely perfected their coup on Dino Melaye and forceful awarded victory to their heart desire.

It take the thugs, the Police, the Army and INEC to complete that great task of pulling down the Dino that has now become a Political Dinosaur.

To them we say congratulations in gallantly putting a long nail on the coffin of their integrity while confirming their extremist in high handedness with display of tyrannical move worst than that military junta of Sanni Abacha; Congratulations.

We have no problem with the Head in the Rock or god of South West because we know they are not believers in democracy and their wishes are the law as far as they are concern

We are neither bothered about the hooligan turned labor leader since he has successfully fooled Nigeria with his short Brown Kaki and hypocritical fights for workers then: well done sir.

What is baffling us is the coverage of that sad events by young acclaimed progressive journalists and media writers that is presenting a normal news out of mayhem melted on people of Kogi State or even mockery of oppressed Kogites in styles.

As if Nigeria is no more under democracy and some people have the legal right to sweep out the choice of people in election or forcefully change the winner of an election.

The history that is still pursuing IBB for annulling election of June 12 of 1993 even with the level of lawlessness now is recording you right and you shouldn’t forget; your generation to come will read your story and may have to cover their face for eternity.

You are wrong to think this greed for money and bitterness of people that turn the society’s thinking haywire will last for ever and that the coming generation will continue in this madness.

That someone are doing evil is not news; the history of evil dated back to the tale of Cain and Abel while either Bible or Quran detail the story of Pharaoh of the time of Moses; but that you that call yourselves progressive Media writers and journalists are celebrating it is the bad sign.

Remember you will need to write in a saner society of the future and the audiences will still be the same.

As pre-2015 era was, so will post-202(anything) come and you that wrote to get the sympathy of Nigeria in condemnation of the evils of PDP, which are writing now to mock the sensibility of Nigeria by defending the evils of the APC you planted through your fake promises of better change will still have to face the masses you are mocking now to defend your stand.*

Your jubilations is not demoting Dino but telling the whole world the level of your honor and integrity; but more it is keeping people wondering how much is your trust in the wealth you are accumulating now to have thrown out all your integrities to the winds.

If Dino has become a treat to APC’s existence to the level that it can stoop so low to get him out of Senate; then Dino has become Political Dinosaur that need all monetary/military/INEC strengths of Nigeria to get out. because even if the mighty dinosaurs can be killed with maximum force.

You have make Dino an Hero.

Just passing by gently as usual…

Bisi Kristien

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