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By Charles Ogbu.

I’ve said it before and it bears repeating now, the biggest problem facing Southern Nigeria is not Buhari and his fellow islamist Nightwalkers but the presence of a very large horde of commonsensically bankrupt internet Wildlings masquerading as Southern youths.

This generation of Southerners is peopled by one of the most foolish set of young men and women. Not that the elders are any better. Not at all.But you see this crop of southern youths, they have the gene of conscientious idiocy deeply embedded in their body system. These ones….they are far removed from common-sense. Even their education is but an insult to knowledge. And their wisdom, a hoax. And of course, it is logical to assume this to be hereditary seeing as even the so called elders suffer the same affliction of mumuism when it comes to Nigerian affairs. It is simply in them to speak absent-thought and overlook the bigger picture in any issue while concentrating on trivialities. You wanna argue this, oya, come with me to social media.

Let’s go……..

//”Igbos are criminals” “Yorubas are cowards” “Niger Deltans are traitors” “Igbos should go with their useless ‘Biafraud'” “You want to ‘colonize’ our oyel” “shut your f*cking mouth, you f*cking minority!”//

Is this not what you’ve been reading all over cyberspace for the past 4 days??

Reading the very bitter but senseless verbal gymnastics amongst these 3 southern neighbours, do you still wonder why a certificate-less Northern Muhammadu Buhari is the president while a well lettered southern professor of law, Osinbajo is his spare tyre instead of the other way round??

The online war amongst Ndigbo, Yorubas and the Niger Delta reminds me of Maazi Okeke, my foolish neighbour, who was busy fighting his wife over a missing gizzard (eke okuko) while his covetous neighbour, Ocho-okwu, was busy taking over his entire poultry farm. That, right there, is the heavenly definition of 1st degree idiocy.

What is criminally funny in all these is that each of these southern neighbours have always been at the merciless mercy of one common oppressor, the children of Danfodio. Yet, you will never ever read them use the kind of despicable words they are currently using against themselves while referring to the one group that have kept them in devilish bondage while stealing their human and natural resources including their lives and leaving them with nothing.

The Igbos suffered pogrom at the hands of this same oppressor in 1945 in Jos and 1953 in Kano and have continued to have her sons and daughters massacred and bathed with acid even inside a church by this common enemy. The Niger Delta has had her notable leaders and sons brutally re-united with their Maker. The same common enemy owns and controls the oil in their backyard, leaving them with environment that is unsafe even for non living things. The Yorubas, too, have had their own fair share of the mindless brutality of the scions of Danfodio. Their notable leaders have been jailed by these same people. Thousands of their students protesting Awolowo’s imprisonment in different Yoruba cities were killed back then. Mohammadu Buhari led this operation as a young officer. Abiola’s mandate was stolen along with his life. Should we talk of Ile-ife killing and the arrest of only Yorubas including an Oba just for defending their ancient city? All these atrocities were committed against these 3 southern neighbours by one group, the Danfodios.

Yet, you will never hear these misguided youths confront their oppressor with the same zeal and anger with which they confront themselves on social media.

You are a young southerner. You weren’t born during the Biafran war. All you know is what your parents told you and the ones you read in books written by Authors who have their own prejudices and biases. And right here and now, another war is systematically being executed against you and your parents by the same people who caused the first war by refusing to protect Igbos from pogrom then and still refusing to honor the Aburi Accord which would have averted the declaration of Biafra and the war that followed including this current bad blood amongst you. And it is still this common oppressor that has sworn to cause another senseless war rather than allow this British contraption to be fully restructured or dismantled in peace.

Yet, you still occupy yourselves with Igbo, Yoruba and Niger Delta online war of words.

Niger Delta want fiscal federalism that would enable them control their resources. Yorubas want true fiscal federalism. Igbos want Biafra as its beyond doubt that the fulani Oligarchy ain’t ready to restructure this Lugard cage (the attorney General made this known few days ago)

The only people holding everyone to ransom here is the North. It is the same North (fulani terrorists) that will trek from Zamfara to Enugu, Delta and Ondo to rape, kill and maim women and children and the security agencies controlled by the same North will protect them while arresting you the victim. The same North used her numerical strength fraudulently acquired through census figure to shout down a bill to gift Lagos with special status. The same way they shouted down a bill for Southeast Development Commission. The same way they killed the original PIB meant to give well deserved recognition to oil producing communities in the Niger Delta

Meanwhile, while you stupid#ChildrenOfAdam were busy tearing your undies over trivialities, Northeast development commission bill was passed even before it was fully debated on the floor of NASS. And Kano and Jos were added as beneficiaries. Where will the fund for the commission come from?……The south.

Special percent of VAT (Value Added Tax that is inside everything you buy including sachet water, biscuit, beer etc) has since been set aside for the Northeast. Mind you, alcohol sales is one of the major contributors to VAT purse; the same alcohol their sharia forbids, yet, it doesn’t forbid them receiving proceeds from its sales. $2.1 billion loan was borrowed ontop all our heads for the same Northeast. This is despite billions coming in from donor agencies and countries.

Now ask yourselves; was any part of Igboland reconstructed by the FG after the Biafran war? Was any commission even set up to develop the region after the war? How about the Niger Delta? Has the govt committed even one kobo to the Ogoni clean-up exercise after making empty noise about cleaning up the region?

One more question:

What exactly is the North contributing to the federal pulse?? Apart from ‘gifting’ us with Boko haram and Fulani militants once adjudged the deadliest and 4th deadliest terror groups in the whole world by Global Terror Index, what other benefit is this Lugard Cage deriving from this North that would justify this criminal degree of mindless injustices and savagery??? Their agricultural produce like tomatoes, do they share it to Nigerians free of charge the way oil revenue is shared? Go check federal allocation table, the North contribute next to nothing despite their population,yet, they take the lion share.

Where is the fairness in that?

And, you commonsensically bankrupt southerner, you are busy fighting your neighbour who constitute no danger to you.

You are Igbo, living and doing business in Lagos. Your shops have never been attacked. Your right to life has never been trampled upon. Yet, you think Yorubas are your enemies. You spend time calling them cowards even when they fought like gallant men and women and successfully saved their ancient city of Ile-Ife from Hausa/fulani killing machine; a feat you woefully failed at, when your own governor resorted to fasting and praying after the fulani barbarians ‘visited’ Nimbo with their demon of death. You turn to your Niger Delta neighbours and refer to them as traitors. And you still pretend not to know that you are part of the problem??

You are Yoruba. Biafrans have never included you in their business. The agitation doesn’t pose any danger to you whatsoever. Yet, you spend time mocking their agitation and insulting Nnamdi Kanu who has succeded in troubling the waters of the Nigerian polity enough to force a conversation; a feat your Oodua Congress has woefully failed to achieve. One of your own, Osinbajo, is currently being humiliated. He is the acting president, yet, he can’t swear in ministers, he can’t even sign budget. Why? Because he is a southern Christian deemed inferior by the fulani Oligarchs. Rather than allow Osinbajo sign the budget, six months into the 2017 fiscal year it was meant for, the whole country should grind to a halt. You are seeing all these, yet, Biafra, which is a product of the injustice in the system, is your only headache.

You are from the Niger Delta. Your waters, farmland and even the air you breath are all fraught with cancer-causing agents as a result of the demonic activities of the environmental terrorists, that is the oil companies, working in alliance with your govt. You rarely talk about the plight of your people. You cannot even organise a successful Sit-At-Home to draw attention to your environmental woes and the refusal of the govt to commence the Ogoni clean-up. Yet, you spend valuable time and resources ridiculing the Biafran agitation and shouting that Igbos are planning to dominate you, take over your land and steal your oil. The same oil for which you are constantly being killed and humiliated each time you try to take even one litre while fulani men from far away Zamfara come to take trailer loads and leave you with a terribly polluted environment. How many of your people own oil wells in the same oil that is yours? For Godsake, these are the grave injustices you should be spending your time and resources on!

A thousand and one Nnamdi Kanu CANNOT force anyone into Biafra. Even the entire southeast CANNOT just be declared as the Republic of Biafra WITHOUT a ‘Yes or No’ vote known as Referendum. So, where is the fear coming from?

Funny enough, the knives of the Children of the North and the guns of Fulani terrorists do not even distinguish between Igbo, Niger Delta and Yoruba.

Meanwhile, our ghost president is still in ghost mode. Former British MP Eric Joyce tweeted he is no more. The lying buffoons at the presidency know nothing. Only the political terrorists known as the cabal knows Buhari’s true status. Yet, outrageous salaries and allowances from tax payers money are still being drawn in his name. Mind boggling amount of money are ceaselessly being deducted from our treasury in the name of settling his hospital bill.

Where are these monies coming from? The South.

Yet, all that matters to southern youths is coming on social media to fight each other.

And you are still waiting for a certain Charles Ogbu to be the one to tell you how fundamentally stupid you are?

Come 2019, we will all file out to fulfil all righteousness and put another fulani man in Asorock and come back to social media to haul invectives at each other till another 4 years.

We can’t even look beyond our petty emotions and see the bigger picture.

When Jonathan was president, 90% of his harshest critics were southerners but today, these same southerners have all gone deaf, dumb and blind because their “Slave Masters of Yunkai” are in power. Who are the 13 SANs that defended Buhari’s certificate-lessness? They are all southerners. Femi Falana and Emeka Ngige led the group of SANs.

Today, well lettered southern youths are on social media running after grasshoppers and cockroaches while their future and that of their unborn children are ablaze.

Quite frankly, an average southerner is nothing short of a butterfly who thinks himself a bird. It grieves me to admit this but it grieves me even more that it’s the truth.






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