Wednesday, February 1, 2023


The “Mugabe” of VGC.

If you live in VGC you may have come across his convoy, a Hilux filled with mean looking policemen in the front and another Hilux full of police behind. His favorite car is a Mercedes G63 Brabus which has no registration number beyond the word “Brabus” on it (it’s not the personalized shit o, dude is just too big to register his car), squeezed between the Hiluxes and other luxury cars.

You might be mistaken to think to think it’s President Buhari’s convoy as you are not allowed to overtake, those who have made that mistake nearly never lived to tell the story.


The occupant is no president, no governor, not the Senate President not even an LG Chairman but an ordinary citizen called JULIAN OSULA.

Julian boasts about his power, and his police convoy will convince any doubter. He claims to be “very close” to Patience Jonathan and that even if The Jonathan’s are out of power his influence can never wane. But Julian for all his braggadocio is a simple trader. He sells luxury wristwatches to the high and mighty and Patience Jonathan was one of his biggest customers. He was one of the newly minted Niger Delta billionaires that sprung up last administration.

Well this story is about what Julian and his police guards have done to ordinary citizens who dare overtake his convoy on public roads. The screenshot on the right is from a victim who claimed he pulled a gun on him on the road and they beat him up but let me talk about the one I know (the one on the left is about this case)

On Wednesday night, GBENGA ADEKOYA was going home to his family in VGC after a hard days job when he negotiated his land cruiser to overtake the slow moving convoy ahead of him. Almost fatal error, as soon as he did, a Hilux filled with Mopol crossed him, blocked him, hit is car with gun butts, dragged him out,,beat the shit out of him and sprayed some chemical in his eyes.

The “big man” in the convoy was enjoying the show from his car. Gbenga was taken to the hospital and has now been flown abroad struggling not to lose his eyesight. A petition has been written against OSULA to the IGP, but Osula’s relationship with the top echelon of the Police is watertight and the petition may not see the light of day.

I am through this medium calling the attention of the FG, all law enforcement agencies, the Lagos State Government and any other responsible body to arrest and prosecute OSULA. They also need to explain to us how an ordinary citizen can use policemen paid for by tax payers to harass and endanger these same tax payers on roads built by their taxes.



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