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WhatsApp to stop working on iphones, Samsung, others

Messaging platform WhatsApp has  announced that it will no longer be available on certain phones and will stop working on 49 smartphone models leaving millions of users without the app from December 31.

A statement issued by WhatsApp said it was to keep up with the latest advances in tech that is why it will routinely stop supporting older operating systems to point resources to supporting the latest ones.

Users with older iPhones and Androids handsets will need to get an upgrade after December 31 in order to use the app going into the New Year.

In total, 49 models will be affected – including a number of Huawei, LG and Samsung phones and has reportedly been programmed to issue an alert to those affected before the instant messaging service stops working.

Some of the phones it will stop supporting includes iPhone 5,iPhone 5C,Lenovo A820,Samsung Galaxy Ace 2,Samsung Galaxy S2 and many more. DAILY TRUST

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