2019: Why Omosede Igbenedion Should Be Re-elected

The constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has allowed the electorate to retain for their legislator who gives them good representation.

A legislator or lawmaker in other words, is a person that writes and passes laws. In Nigeria, legislators include senators, House of Representatives members and state houses of assembly.

There is no gainsaying the fact that Hon Omosede Igbenedion, is one of the best, popular and most outstanding lawmaker in the country.

She represents all the good people of Ovia Federal Constituency of Edo state. It’s worthy to note that She is currently serving her first term, and enjoys support of most members due to her humility, gentility, simplicity, integrity and dignity as well as his respect for colleagues.

Many People had said Omosede is a source of inspiration to the youth and younger generation due to his political dexterity. This was despite her election against the former Governor Oshiomoles’ wish.

Omosede has since her election proved to the world that She is an astute politician and excellent public servant as she performs her duties very well and renders humanitarian services to all and sundry regardless of ethnic or religious inclinations.

Before I enumerate his many constituency projects and interventions within the last three and half years, it is pertinent to give readers insight into his career.

Omosede was born in the early 1980s into the royal family of The Esama of Benin Empire. Her father is Gabriel Igbinedion. She attended Igbinedion Education Center where she sat for the Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) in 1998. She attended Cambridge College in the United Kingdom where she acquired her A- Levels and went on to obtain a Bachelors of Law Degree (LL.B) from University of Kent in 2003.

She obtained a Masters in Diplomatic Studies from the University of Westminster in 2005. She then returned to Nigeria and attended Nigerian Law School, and was called to the Bar in 2007.

Omosede was elected as the youngest female member into the 8th Assembly of the House of Representatives (Nigeria) in 2015, where she represents the Ovia Federal constituency which consists of Ovia North-East and Ovia South-West Local Government Areas of Edo State under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

She is the Deputy Chairman House Services in the House of Representatives and a member of the following committees: Local Content, Aviation, Downstream Petroleum, FCT, Judiciary, Rural Development, Women in Parliament.

Why do I think She should be re-elected? Omosede is a strong advocate of the independence of the legislature, rule of law, local governments financial autonomy and a detribalized Nigerian.

Some of his projects include construction of Schools, markets, water boreholes roads and donation of transformers to some villages.

I therefore call on the good people of Ovia federal constituency to come out massively and vote Omosede in 2019 as member of the House of Representatives, to also retain her goodwill and continue the dividends of democracy because she proved to be a good daughter, ambassador and representative of the Edo masses

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