2023: Why we’re Supporting Gov Udom to Succeed Buhari

Group under auspices of ‘The North Decides 2023’ has expressed strong conviction about the leadership capacity of the current Akwa Ibom State Governor ,Mr. Emmanuel Udom to deliver Nigeria from the shackles of insecurity, Economic backwardness and other problems militatating against progress and development

In a Communique issued after an enlarged meeting of members and other organisation across Northern 19 Northern States held to discuss State of the Nation; 2023 Election and the Challenges of deepening democracy in Nigeria, the Group resolved to share the position of Northern Elders Forum and former President Babangida, that in 2023 Nigerians should go for energetic, competent and credible candidates for the presidency.

In the Communique signed by Comrade Balarabe Rufai the Coverner of ‘The North Decides 2023’ , the group which expressed commitment to ensuring the deepening of democracy, proactive and result-oriented leadership for Nigeria, however said ,” It is our conviction that both the elders and the former president were referring to politicians like Governor Gabriel Emmanuel.

According the group , the current helmsman at Akwa Ibom, Governor Emmanuel Udom should be supported to take a shot at the 2023 Presidency as someone with proven record of good governance, who is methodical in approach to economic and security challenges in his domain.

On his capacity to deliver, it said : ” It is a well-known fact that, by his leadership of Akwa Ibom State, he has demonstrated that it is possible to turn around the fortunes of any society, with the right kind of leadership.”

Speaking on the issue of security Economic development, the group pointed out : ” The Akwa Ibom Governor is on record to have the most violent-free State in today’s Nigeria. No killings, no cult gang clashes, no kidnappings in the magnitude we see in many parts of this country today.

“In terms of economic empowerment and revitalization, Akwa Ibom’s Governor Udom Emmanuel has made a lot of spectacular moves. He pursued and is still pursuing vigorous empowerment projects, especially in rural areas. This effort has made hundreds of thousands proud millionaires who are currently training and re-training others to become economically self-reliant.

“Secondly, when he became Governor, he started running the Akwa Ibom Airport with about five (5) airlines on the government’s fleet at the Airport. In his effort at expansion, he has now brought in Ten (10) more. Now, the Akwa Ibom airport has 15 aircrafts competing for space. He has also rehabilitated the runway and roads linking the airport to communities.

“The Governor has also been executing multimillion naira infrastructural projects since his inauguration into office non-stop.

“In terms of managing the political leadership, holding the rungs of power in the State, he has also made some indelible footprints. And this partly explains why you hardly read the news of Executive/Legislature rift, or uncontrollable internal political party bickering in Akwa Ibom State.

“It is our conviction that this nation, more than all else, needs a true game-changer with past experience of tackling crisis situations – whether political or economic. He should be a leader with exposure to domestic and international standards of good governance and realistic development policies. Such a leader must have good grasp of the political economy in a highly-competitive world. We dare say that this governor — being a trained economist has the capacity to turn around the fortunes of this country. It is already familiar knowledge to all, that economists are the most versatile.

“Without prejudice to the right of other Nigerians to contest the nation’s presidency in 2023, we believe Governor Emmanuel Udom has the capacity to deliver on his mandate that would be freely given by the Nigerian electorate in 2023 and even beyond.”

The North Decides 2003* ‘ is the convener of the enlarged meeting, while 19 others are like-minded groups, associations eveready to promote civil rule by all legitimate means and reflect all Northern States.

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