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ANRiN’s Efforts Revitalize 30,000 Malnourished Children in Kaduna: Official

By Ehis Agbon, Kaduna Nigeria, 5 June 2024. 

…The ANRiN project has successfully reached over four million beneficiaries in the past three years.

Ms. Muhammad-Idris made this announcement during a one-day stakeholders’ debriefing workshop on Tuesday in Zaria, Kaduna State, highlighting the project’s role in managing cases of severe malnutrition among children.

ANRiN’s Efforts Revitalize 30,000 Malnourished Children in Kaduna: Official

She emphasized that the ANRiN initiative primarily focused on preventing malnutrition. Over the past three years, the project has assisted more than four million people, including children, breastfeeding mothers, pregnant women, and adolescent girls.

As the ANRiN project in Kaduna concludes at the end of the year, Ms. Muhammad-Idris expressed hope that the project’s successful methods, models, and practices would continue throughout the state. She also stressed the importance of utilizing the knowledge and information provided effectively.

“We believe significant efforts and investments have been made,” Ms. Muhammad-Idris said. “We expect institutions whose capacities have been built and personnel who were trained, especially community service providers and health workers, to continue delivering services even after the project ends. We anticipate better food choices, improved maternal and child nutrition practices in homes, and enhanced health-seeking behavior regarding nutrition and other health services. This is why we partnered with the State Primary Health Care Board to strengthen family health care facilities.”

Ms. Muhammad-Idris underscored that all stakeholders, including families and communities, have a role in sustaining ANRiN’s efforts. She noted the valuable support from faith-based leaders who have used religious teachings to promote healthy, nutritious lifestyles.

She added, “We aim to see Kaduna State free of malnourished children or mothers. It is achievable, and we aspire to eliminate chronic malnutrition, including stunting and micronutrient deficiencies.”

Speaking to journalists at the event, Mukthar Ahmed, the Commissioner for the State Planning and Budget Commission (PBC), reiterated the state’s commitment to coordinating nutrition stakeholders and MDAs. Represented by the Director of Development Aid Coordination, Aisha Muhammed, Mr. Ahmed acknowledged the significant contributions of the ANRiN project and pledged to sustain its legacy to improve the state’s nutrition indices.

Earlier, Hauwa Usman, the Nutrition Specialist for the ANRiN project in Kaduna, explained that the workshop aimed to present the project’s progress and discuss sustainability plans as the project nears its end in the state.

Stakeholders at the workshop included the Society for Family Health, the State Primary Health Care Board, the National Orientation Agency, nutrition desk officers from various MDAs, the Kaduna Agriculture Development Agency, the Kaduna Emergency Nutrition Action Plan, and the Ministry of Local Governments, among others.




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