Blessing Okoro Accepts Defeat, Finally Confesses She lied About The House Ownership

Blessing Okoro

What could have led popular relationship blogger to claim ownership of someone else’s house?

 Pearl Emmanuel

Social media! If there was ever a community of social media liars, popular relationship blogger, Blessing Okoro, would reign supreme as the undefeated ruler.

The relationship blogger has finally admitted to her friend in a leaked audio conversation that she had to pay the security guard of Onye Eze’s (the Ibo businessman based in China) mansion to allow her take a picture there. Little did the guard know that she wanted to use the house to pose as hers.

In the audio chat, Blessing could be heard laughing and saying she is unbothered, because the controversy is driving traffic to her pages – personal and official. She also admitted to calling Onye Eze when the news broke out to explain that she took a picture of his house just for social media clout. She said her own house wasn’t ready by her birthday so she decided to use a picture of his house instead.

She also claimed that Onye Eze was okay with that but his friends kept making trouble out of it. She concluded by telling her friend in the audio that she plans to build the exact replica of the man’s house.

Many people have attacked Blessing, heaping curses and abuses on her because they feel she is mentally unstable and has misled a lot of young women who look up to her as a role model.

Someone suggested that the reason Blessing did all these was to shame her ex-husband for throwing her out of his house eight years ago. But right now, it seems tables have turned and her ex-husband might be having fun at the blogger’s expense.

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