Youth numbering about 10 armed with machetes, spears, cutlasses and other dangerous weapons early Sunday morning at about 4a.m raided the female hostel of Kaduna Polytechnic located at Barnawa, College of Environment Studies (CES)

Sources close to the victims said they carted away laptops, handsets, power banks, and other valuables from the students who were taken unawares.

One of them said she lost lots of money she made from the sales of her wares. “i was asked, do you have money, out of fear I said yes.” They started raiding from room to room from the ground floor before moving to the second floor. One of the female students escaped by jumping from the balcony of the first floor from where she crawled to the main gate to untie one of the female securities as there were no security at the hostel gate.

She said, ” I came out from my room when I heard the noise in the other room and the boys shouted at me, so I jumped down naked and grabbed clothes I saw on the rope to cover myself..”
One of the students said they used bucket full of water and held tight to it to secure their door since their was no lock or bolt, as the thieves pushed from outside.
It was gathered that some students had to vacate the hostels, while some parents came to pick their daughters and those students who are far away stayed. However, Polytechnic staff living at the nearby quarters arrived later.

Arrangements were quickly made to fix security lights, which was not existent before at the female hostel. Officials of the Students Union Government (SUG) also arrived with batch of security following calls put by the students. Students who got matchete cuts and fractures were taken to the college clinic. Attempt to reach the police public relations failed as the response was, the number is not reachable.

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