Gully erosion threaten hundreds of houses in Rigasa Kaduna, Residents Forced to Migrate.

During a one day Visit to unguwar ‘yan kilishi at Rigasa  ,Igabi local government  Kaduna North Western Nigeria by Team of African Climate reporters  ,it was observed that many  houses had Collapse as many residence have been forced to migrate as a result of gully erosion that have destroyed the community.

The community has called on Kaduna  state ministry of environment, KEPA, SEMA and all Humanitarian organization  to came to their aid, so as to tackle the situation before it become worse

According to one of the residence Mallam sani musa,he says every year, Gully erosion  destroyed houses in the area,yet no any NGO/CSO or government ministry shows concerned.

He then appealed to kaduna state government to help them search for ecological fund,so as to halt the situation

The community is right in the heart of Kaduna metropolis and the inhabitants felt abandoned as they battled to save their houses from getting destroyed by gully erosion.

it was also observed that many houses and rooms belonging to the residence  were taken away by the erosion

Another residence  Sagir shu’aibu also says,there is need for quick intervention by state government,in other to halt the situation while stressing the need for kaduna state ministry of environment to show commitment in tackling all environmental challenges disturbing communities

It could be recalled that last year, developmental reporters and other National and international journalists has visited the community,and series of report has been taken,yet there is no any reaction by kaduna state ministry of environment and KEPA

The resident then begged kaduna state Government  to comes to their aid,as Hundreds of houses are been threatening  by the erosion

Meanwhile the director African Climate reporter Dr piman Hoffman says ,there is need for state government to quickly  respond to the situation in the area

Hoffman said, during our visit we saw how the gully erosion causes serious damages to the area

He then called on ministry of environment to also come to resuce the resident

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